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apprentice engineer

UK engineering, manufacturing, and technology apprenticeships in decline

An inquiry is being launched by the government to assess the decline in engineering, manufacturing and technology apprenticeships nationally across the UK.
Experiment with hydrogen cells

Solar powered hydrogen could drive down costs of sustainable alternatives

A new kind of solar panel has achieved 9% efficiency in converting water into solar powered hydrogen and oxygen, mimicking natural photosynthesis.

Innovative approaches to cancer treatments oncological engineering

Prof Richard M Hall, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, explores how oncological engineering is paving the way for new and innovative cancer treatments.
Department of Chemical Engineering - University of Patras

Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Patras

Developing chemical engineers educated in research, development and optimisation of production of industrial products and materials.
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biomanufacturing at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Prof. Tuck Seng Wong - leading a Biocatalysis and Synthetic Biology research group at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.
Engineer operating angle grinder hand tools in manufacturing

Why engineering policy should be at the heart of government policymaking

Professor Nick Jennings CB FREng FRS, Chair of the Engineering Policy Centre Committee at the Royal Academy of Engineering, states why engineering policy should be at the heart of policymaking.
Abstract molecule atom sctructure

Rydberg atoms and atomic engineering

F Barry Dunning, a professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Rice University, explores the atomic states within Rydberg atoms and their possibilities in atomic engineering.
STUTTGART, GERMANY - AUG 18: The Stuttgart City Library

Germany’s professional needs – is education the answer?

Prof Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI), delves into the perspectives of Germany’s professional needs, including if education provides a solution to this.
thermal energy device designed by Washington researchers

The thermal energy device which converts body heat to electricity

A newly developed thermal energy device presents a new way to continuously power wearable electronics, with a 6.5 times increase in power density compared with other generators.
engineering solutions

Engineering solutions for ecological problems

Christine M. Cunningham, Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, discusses engineering solutions for children to help solve ecological problems
Chiba Institute of Technology

Faculty of Engineering at the Chiba Institute of Technology

Gaining the knowledge and skills in a variety of engineering fields for the development of modern society at Chiba Institute of Technology.
Vestas aircoil AS

Vestas Aircoil A/S – Fast and reliable development of heat transfer solutions

Vestas Aircoil provide heat transfer solutions that are individually designed to meet customer requirements and specifications
combined heat and power, buildings

TED Gen: The Combined heat and power revolution

Here, TED Generation (TED Gen) explains how to improve the economic and environmental future of your business – using Combined heat and power (CHP) to decrease energy costs and rewrite carbon footprints.
robot laparoscopic surgery, robot surgery

Robot performs laparoscopic surgery without human intervention

A team at Johns Hopkins University created a robot that successfully performed laparoscopic surgery - without human intervention.
Simulation civil engineering

The role of simulation in civil engineering

Professors Fabio Nobile and Riccardo Rossi discuss why computer simulations are nowadays routinely used in many domains of physics and engineering.
nsf understanding human behaviour, NSF crime

A better understanding of human behaviour

NSF Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, promotes an understanding of the forces that shape human behaviour and social organisations.
smart bandage

Breakthrough smart bandage detects low tissue oxygen

Kim, Chang-Soo from Missouri University of Science and Technology with Stoecker, William V from Stoecker & Associates Technology, Rolla, Missouri, describe a breakthrough smart bandage by S&A Tech and Missouri S&T capable of detecting low tissue oxygen.
public and private sector

Social value in the public & private sector

Peter Masonbrook from Faithful+Gould and Penny Anderson from Atkins discuss the role and importance of social value within the public and private sector.
information science and engineering

Computer, information science & engineering research

Here, Open Access Government charts the U.S. National Science Foundation’s priorities for upholding its leadership in computer, information science & engineering research.
Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Day: How has the pandemic impacted gender diversity?

To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2021, several senior tech execs discuss how the pandemic has impacted gender diversity in the industry.

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