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UK nuclear industry Torness power station

Engineers warn of Brexit threat to UK nuclear industry

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers calls for the government to make clear transitional arrangements to protect the UK nuclear industry after Brexit A new report issued by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) today says the government needs to make sure a clear strategy is in place to safeguard the...
Steel rope engineering materials water impact

Assessing the risk to engineering materials from water impact

Mark Gee, Fellow at the National Physical Laboratory, is exploring new ways to assess and reduce erosion in engineering materials from water impact It seems to be contrary to common sense that the water which we drink can cause failures in key technological applications, simply from the impact of droplets...

Female graduates less likely to apply for top jobs

New research has revealed women are less likely to apply for top graduate jobs despite being more likely to get them A new survey from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has revealed female students are less likely than their male counterparts to aim for top graduate jobs. However, they...

Automotive Software Engineering

The automotive industry is one of Europe’s driving economic forces. A huge variety of cars from premium cars, to e-mobile and low-cost cars, are developed and sold. Unseen, deep down into numerous electronic control units (ECU) engine control functions, comfort functions, driving assistance functions, as well as security functions,...

Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

The Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology and the Institute of Hydrogeology are involved in the teachings of the Bachelor/Master studies of Applied Geosciences and Management of Georessources. Additionally special classes are given to students of Civil Engineering, Waste Management Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, Mining Engineering and Applied...

Forest engineering, the backbone of timber and fiber supply

Forests and some of the services they provide have been prominently on the international agenda, gaining considerable public attention: conservation, biodiversity, carbon storage, recreation or wilderness are the most notable issues thereof. Although those services only came on the public agenda from the 1960s, they have dominated the set...

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