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civil servants

An erasmus program for civil servants

The Civil Servant Exchange Program ECI Team calls on the Commission to launch an exchange and training programme between civil servants of EU countries.
EU Digital Wallet

The EU Digital Wallet – Fit for purpose or false optimism?

Adam Laub, GM, Stealthbits, discusses the data security implications of the EU’s digital wallet that will give citizens a safe way to access public and private services online.
EU Code of Conduct

Commission launches EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices

The European Commission has officially launched the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, under its Farm to Fork Strategy.
European citizens

Europeans consider climate change as the single most serious problem facing the world

A recent Eurobarometer survey has found that European citizens believe that climate change is the single most serious problem facing the world.
people and innovation

Europe invests in people and innovation

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, illustrates how education, research and innovation are essential for transformations that can lead us to a sustainable economy.
July 2021

Open Access Government July 2021

The bumper July 2021 edition of Open Access Government provides in-depth coverage of policy issues globally, such as COVID-19, health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, finance, agriculture, environment plus energy.

Simplifying electronic printing solutions for European industry with LEE-BED

Here, we learn why Horizon 2020 project LEE-BED is currently Europe’s one stop shop for printed and embedded electronics services and infrastructure access.
long-term mental health strategy

Towards a long-term Mental Health Strategy

Chairs of the Parliament’s Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing demand immediate action to address the growing mental health crisis and the creation of a long-term Mental Health Strategy.

The rise in gigafactories: Green initiatives surrounding battery technologies

Lars Carlstrom, founder and CEO of Italvolt, highlights the importance of EU Green Week and why the automotive industry must acknowledge that the location of gigafactories have a bearing on the wider ecosystem.
EU Digital Finance strategy

The new EU Digital Finance strategy

Giovanni Caccavello from Open Banking Excellence (OBE) believes a tighter action plan for the EU Digital Finance strategy will promote prosperity across Europe.
digital recovery in Europe

A green & digital recovery in Europe after COVID?

Louise Grabo, President of the EESC's Observatory of the Digital Transition and the Single Market, looks at a green and digital recovery in Europe after the COVID crisis.
NextGeneration EU

Closing education gaps with the NextGeneration EU recovery plan

Salvatore Nigro, CEO of JA Europe and Andzelika Rusteikienė CEO of JA Lithuania, discuss why the NextGeneration EU recovery plan must close the gaps in education that the COVID-19 crisis has exposed.

The future of Europe: digital, green, but first of all democratic!

Christa Schweng, President, European Economic and Social Committee, states that the future of Europe is digital, green, but first of all, democratic!
importing batteries

Does Europe have the tools it needs to quit importing batteries?

Bo Normark, Industrial Strategy Executive, EIT InnoEnergy ponders if Europe has the tools it needs to quit importing batteries.
benefits of veterinary medicines

Canvassing public awareness on veterinary medicines

Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope, explains to us canvassing public awareness on the benefits of veterinary medicines.
COVID Certificate

Parliament and Council agree on EU Digital COVID Certificate proposal

The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the Commission's proposal of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Is insurance the answer to Europe’s AI worries?

Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder & CEO at Augury,  argues that insurance is the key to monitoring artificial intelligence (AI), not regulation.
plant-based consumption

European plant-based consumption grows by 49% in two years

Plant-based consumption has increased by 49% in two years across Europe, according to Nielsen data, the first and only report of its kind, published by the Smart Protein project.
climate change adaptation

Cities: Climate change, transport and beyond COVID-19

Jonathan Miles, Editor of Open Access Government, charts the importance of climate change adaptation, the impact of lockdown, transport and the environment in Europe, as highlighted by Eurocities.
sustainable mobility

Smart and sustainable mobility for the future

Open Access Government explores Europe’s current smart mobility priorities, learning why Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) are key to advancing the transport sector in a sustainable and innovative way.

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