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cities in europe

The future of cities in Europe

Here, Open Access Government considers the future of cities in Europe, including the opinions of Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary-General, Eurocities.

TRI-HP Project: Developing trigeneration systems for multi-family buildings

Daniel Carbonell, TRI-HP Project Coordinator from SPF Institute for Solar Technology, explains how this EU funded project TRI-HP develops trigeneration systems based on heat pumps with natural refrigerants and multiple renewable sources, to provide heating, cooling and electricity to multi-family buildings.
green road to recovery

Europe’s green road to recovery

Mauro Petriccione, Directorate-General for Climate Action at the European Commission, illustrates Europe’s plans for a green recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.
civil society

Shaping of post-COVID-19 EU: Only with organised civil society!

Christa Schweng, President, European Economic and Social Committee details the shaping of post-COVID-19 EU and argues that this is only possible with an organised civil society.
international politics, racism

Racism’s impact on International Politics can no longer be ignored

Sarah Coolican, Project Coordinator, explains how the new Racism and International Politics programme at LSE IDEAS hopes to facilitate urgent, ongoing conversations of global racial disparity.
Neurodegenerative research

Creating a major impact on neurodegenerative research funding in Europe

JPND, the largest global collaborative initiative for neurodegenerative disease research, creates a major impact on neurodegenerative research funding in Europe.

How is extensive research informing EU policy-making?

Megan Warrender, Assistant Editor at Open Access Government, investigates the current and future policy priorities of the Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, and what is influencing them.
Politics and COVID-19

Politics and COVID-19: A third chance for European solidarity

László Andor, Secretary General of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and former Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (2010-2014), argues that we now have a third chance for European solidarity in this politics COVID-19 focus.
future of food

The future of food in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Ruth Richardson, Executive Director, The Global Alliance for the Future of Food, shares her perspective on the future of food in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
energy transition in cities

Europe: Climate change and energy transition in cities

Editor of Open Access Government, Jonathan Miles, focuses our thoughts on aspects of climate change and energy transition in Europe’s cities.
public health surveillance

From COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance

Andrea Ammon, Director at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, takes us on a journey from COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance.
environment-related actions

Companies should monitor the Commission’s environment-related actions

Sylvie Gallage-Alwis, Partner at Signature Litigation, argues here that companies should monitor the European Commission’s environment-related actions.
seafood side-streams

Developing new solutions for better utilisation of seafood side-streams

Charlotte Jacobsen, Professor and Head of Research Group at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, explains how the WaSeaBi project will ensure sounder exploitation of aquatic resources.
veterinary medicines

Veterinary medicines: One Health – the only way forward

Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope, sheds light on One Health – the only way forward that includes comment on veterinary medicines.
bio-based composites

SSUCHY: EU-project develops more sustainable & advanced bio-based composites

Vincent Placet, Research Engineer at the UFC/FEMTO Institute of Besançon, (France) and Coordinator of the EU project SSUCHY, highlights achievements in sustainable & advanced bio-based composites.
Social Exclusion

Tackling Social Exclusion Through ‘Smart’ Citizen Engagement

Here, Dr Antonio Paolo Russo tells us all about SMARTDEST, a H2020 Research and Innovation project which aims to develop innovative solutions for the problems that arise due to tourism-related mobility.

Isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC) & the European Green Deal

Isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC) is a new business opportunity to comply with the European Green Deal, explains Dr Soraya Prieto-Fernández from TECNALIA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance.
innovation in Europe

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on COVID-19 research and innovation in Europe

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel shares her ambitious policy plans on the coronavirus pandemic, especially in relation to research and innovation in Europe.

Circular bio‐based industries: Driving Europe’s green recovery

Here, Executive Director at Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Philippe Mengal maps out what the future holds for the bio-based sector, explaining the numerous benefits of a circular bioeconomy for Europe.
EU Pharma Strategy

EU Pharma Strategy: COVID-19 shows the need for diverse supply chains 

Rex Clements, CEO at Centrient Pharmaceuticals, discusses how the upcoming EU Pharma Strategy can prevent shortages and strengthen Europe’s manufacturing base, especially for antibiotics.

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