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Chemistry Laboratory - Woman With Pipettes And Test Tubes

Funding surge of £650 million to supercharge life sciences sector in UK

The UK life sciences sector is set to be funded by Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, who has introduced an impressive £650 million fund so supercharger its growth.
teacher instructing student apprenticeships

How short courses are driving the next wave of Apprenticeship Levy reforms

The UK government's Apprenticeship Levy has been a source of debate since its introduction in 2017, particularly in the adoption of short courses.
Supermoon and Lovell Radio Telescope, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire, UK

Spain joins the Square Kilometre Array Observatory

Now that Spain has joined the Square Kilometre Array Observatory, researchers in Spain will have access to the initiative's data.
York, UK - December 28, 2015: The Kings Arms public house in York with water up to window level

Effective risk communication saves lives and builds disaster resilience

Effective risk communication should consider the psychological, social, cultural and political forces influencing how people comprehend, perceive, and react to risk.
Business Conference Meeting Presentation: Businessman does Financial Analysis talks to Group of Businessspeople. Projector Screen Shows Stock Market Data, Investment Strategy, Revenue Growth

Private equity: Shock absorber and growth catalyst

Private equity dampens business cycle fluctuations, improves capital allocation, and boosts growth, argues professor Christian Keuschnigg.
worldwide recession

The impact of the worldwide recession on the tech industry 

Code Enigma discusses how a worldwide recession would affect IT spending, the tech industry, and macroeconomic trends.
Satellite dish transmission data on background digital blue world

Science, research and innovation in the UK

Open Access Government writes about Nusrat Ghani MP, UK Minister for Science and Investment Strategy and the plans to maximise science, research and innovation in the UK.
safer streets, lighting

Lighting the way to safer streets in the UK

Safer streets can be achieved with better lighting solutions across the UK, where reductions in crime can be visibly seen in local areas with improved schemes.
social value

Social value: A better investment all round

Paul Styler, Director of Infrastructure Solutions, ETL, argues that social value can be a greater driver for investment over financial gain.
modernise rail

£96 billion public investment to modernise rail networks

New £96 billon plans unveiled to modernise rail connections across England, as the biggest ever public investment for the rail network.
green technologies

Government invests over £500m in green technologies

Ministers have announced more than £500 million of investments in green technologies to help create a cleaner and healthier Britain.
NHS technology

Government to invest over £130 million in new NHS technology

Patients will benefit from significant government investment in new NHS technology to improve treatment, diagnosis and care options for diseases including cancer.
mental health in children

Multi-million-pound investment to support mental health in children

£3.3 million is being spent to expand 23 local projects to help support mental health in children and young people.
investment in health research

Government announces £135 million investment in health research

New government investment in health research will help tackle the biggest challenges over the next 5 years, including dementia, obesity and mental health.
Budget 2018

Budget 2018: The main points you need to know

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced the final pre-Bexit Budget yesterday and here is a summary of the main issues raised during his speech.
the Budget

What can we expect from the final pre-brexit Budget?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond has drawn up the final Budget before Brexit which he will present later on today (29th October 2018).
inequalities in youth unemployment

Government announces £90 million programme to tackle inequalities in youth unemployment

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the launch of an innovative programme to address ethnic inequalities in youth unemployment and to help disadvantaged young people get into work

Swedish West Coast’s Creative Hot Spot

Creativity, innovation and a strong focus on social and cultural aspects of sustainability are at the very heart of developing the Municipality of Varberg
Blockchain in Europe

Lithuania emerging as the ‘gateway’ to blockchain in Europe

Lithuania has announced it will be home to Europe's first Blockchain centre, making it the gateway for blockchain in Europe As well as setting an example for blockchain in Europe with the issuing of an e-money license to various companies, Lithuania is set to open the first International Blockchain Centre...
Danish research

New agreement will see DKK 1 billion given to Danish research

A new broad political agreement will see DKK 1 billion given to Danish research to explore health, education, environment, and children & families

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