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Bushfire/Wildfire closeup at night

Fungi microbes can “eat” methane after wildfire destruction

Tiny organisms called fungi microbes can help environments to rebuild following a wildfire, signalling nature-based solutions to climate change.
A water treatment plant with two treatment ponds viewed from the air

Sustainable development needs eco-engineering to help solve the water-food-energy nexus

Dr Rod Coogan, Agri-Food Expert at PA Consulting argues that sustainable development needs eco-engineering to help solve the water-food-energy nexus.
children cycling on the way to school

Smart, safe and sustainable cycling: how AI-powered insights will encourage the next generation

Sustainable cycling to school could reduce air pollution and promote healthier choices, which could all be delivered by AI-powered insights.
policymakers, methane emissions

Do policymakers undervalue how dangerous methane emissions are?

Methane emissions have been increasing rapidly in recent years, but a study finds policymakers often neglect this information when addressing climate change.
sustainable finance, financial sector

£1.2 million sustainable finance pledge against greenhouse gases

The Bank of America and the University of Oxford pledge £1.2 million to support greenhouse gas removal and sustainable finance research.

Ozone is heating the planet more than scientists previously thought

NSF Funded research reveals Ozone in the atmosphere has weakened one of the Earth’s main cooling mechanisms.
organic waste, biogas

Unlocking organic waste to get to a greener future, sooner

Robert Dysiewicz, World Biogas Association Advisory Council Member discusses how the transition to a new era of waste management will align with a circular economy,
ocean sound transmission, acoustic hotspots

Climate change increases the speed of ocean sound transmission

Ocean sound transmission is being sped up due to global warming induced by climate change – threatening marine species as sounds travel faster and become louder.
forest biome

Earths coldest forest biome is heating up

Northern Arizona University researchers have drawn attention to rising temperatures that are causing Earths coldest forest to shift northward.
London methane, natural gas

Methane responsible for 85% of natural gas emissions across London

Researchers analysing London’s atmosphere find that the city is releasing more methane than previously thought, due to natural gas infrastructure leaks.
advanced biofuels europe, renewable fuels

Fully assembled & integrated plant to produce advanced biofuels

Here, we learn about the Horizon 2020 To-Syn-Fuel project that opens its pre-commercial plant to demonstrate the conversion of waste biomass to liquid fuels & green hydrogen.
seagrasses methane

Damaged seagrasses can emit methane, even after death

Scientists find that seagrasses continue to produce methane even decades after the plants die – highlighting the potential for more methane emissions if seagrasses are threatened.
circular plastic model

Transforming plastic use with a circular model

New research provides a model of the global scale of plastic development, tracing where it’s produced, where it ends up, and its environmental impact.
Innovation Fund

EU pledges over €1 billion to decarbonise economy

The European Union is to invest around €1.1 billion to numerous innovative projects under the Innovation Fund, as an endeavour towards reaching net zero emissions.
deforestation 2030, sustainable

World leaders agree to reverse deforestation by 2030

World leaders, including Brazil and China, have agreed to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030.
greening government committee, climate change

New Greening Government Committee targets for 2025

The Greening Government Committee has created new climate change targets for the period 2021-2025.
un report 2.7, global warming

UN report finds that global warming will rise by 2.7°

A UN report finds that richer countries will reduce emissions by 12% in 2030, but they need to make a cut of 45% by that time or global warming will rise to 2.7°.
soil organic carbon

What is Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)?

Here, Professor Zachary Senwo highlights how Soil organic carbon (SOC) interlinks with soil health, agriculture, climate change, and food security.
renewable electricity france, renewable energy

Commission approves €5.7 billion for renewable electricity in France

The European Commission approved a €5.7 billion aid scheme, which will create 3,700 additional megawatts of renewable electricity in France.
ocean surface climates, greenhouse gas emissions

95% of ocean surface climates could disappear by 2100

The study predicts that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5, then 95% of ocean surface climates could disappear by 2100.

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