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side effects pfizer booster vaccine, menstrual cycle

What are the side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine – with a look at how they impact menstrual cycles.
app babies, new born babies

Hospital trials app to help new parents caring for premature babies

Parents of babies leaving the NICU have been using an app to get real-time medical updates - giving them vital information that may otherwise get lost.
flu covid vaccine, moderna vaccine

Moderna aim to make combined flu-COVID vaccine for 2023

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, CEO Stéphane Bancel said Moderna aim to create a combined flu and COVID vaccine.
artificial pancreas, type 1 diabetes

‘Artificial pancreas’ uses algorithm to protect body from diabetes

Scientists have created an 'artificial pancreas' that uses an algorithm to protect the body - especially ground-breaking for young children with type 1 diabetes.
zika virus

Scientists discover how Zika Virus evades cellular antiviral response

The human immune system is an intricate web designed to stop invading pathogens - but with over 200 virus species capable of infecting humans, some have a way to break through.
breastmilk COVID, COVID babies

Study says breastmilk does not pass COVID to babies

Scientists say that breastfeeding will not pass COVID-19 onto a child - there was no infectious material found in the milk itself.
emergency care wait times, risks of death

Higher risk of death at emergency centres with 5+ hour wait times

Research finds that waiting over 5 hours in emergency care before admission to hospital is linked to a heightened risk of death from any cause.
cervical cancer screening

Which groups are impacted by decreased cervical cancer screenings?

A survey points out the low number of cervical cancer screenings across the US, whilst examining which demographics are being hit the hardest.
pfizer vaccine omicron, COVID

Study finds three doses of Pfizer vaccine can handle Omicron

New data suggests that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, at three doses, is enough to stop the Omicron variant from creating severe COVID.
german abortion

Germany taking steps towards removing Nazi-era abortion law

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, is attempting to overturn a Nazi-era law forbidding medical professionals to share information on abortion procedures.
identifying eating disorders

New guide to help identify eating disorders in the emergency room

With between 1.25 and 3.4 million people in the UK suffering with eating disorders, how are they still slipping through the gaps of modern healthcare?
vaccine passports, digital vaccine certificates

Vaccine passports: Reimagining their cybersecurity

Jonathan Jackson, BlackBerry, looks at how vaccine passports and digital vaccine certificates could work - while facing off with cyber-criminals across the world.
social care crisis, NHS

Social care is in crisis, but technology is here to help

Paul Berney, CMO at Anthropos, explores how technology could help relieve the burden on the UK’s stretched social care staff.
nocturia, health problem

The hidden health problem of nocturia

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explains the problem of nocturia and takes a look at what it actually means for your health.
broad-spectrum antibiotics, antimicrobial resistanced

GPs prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics to avoid “time-consuming tests”

A study finds that broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed due to a lack of resources for GPs - with "time-consuming microbiological tests" taking too long.
new drugs for COVID-19, WHO drugs

WHO supports two new drugs for COVID-19 treatment

The two drugs, tested across seven trials on 4,000 COVID patients, can protect the immune system from overloading and lessen chances of ventilation.
Asia analysis january

Asia Analysis January 2022

We welcome 2022 with our January volume of Asia Analysis, which features an array of compelling articles - We hear from Sarah Moran, Vice President, International from USA Rice, who walks us through what we need to know about rice, the little world traveller.
NHSE sanctions, mermaids

NHSE sanctions limit basic healthcare for young trans people

Lui Asquith, Director of Legal and Policy at Mermaids, dissects new NHSE sanctions placed on young trans people looking for basic healthcare.
potentially infection

1 in 10 COVID patients could be infectious after 10 days

New research indicates that after 10 days, one in ten people may still have clinically relevant levels of potentially infectious COVID.
digitally altered bodies

MP proposes labelling for digitally altered bodies in advertising

A new bill pushes for regulation of digitally altered bodies in advertising - going up against constantly evolving online platforms, eating disorders and negative body image.

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