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Global network connection covering the earth with lines of innovative perception . Concept of 5G wireless digital connection and future in the internet of things

Beware the IoT data deluge: action for better social care and housing

How can we use IoT data to improve social care and housing to protect the elderly and vulnerable people?
human anatomy,

Synthetic sticky molecules to build organs and treat disease

Scientists have developed synthetic adhesion molecules that have the potential to be used to build organs and treat diseases.

Elderly care and digital health in Scotland

The priorities of Scottish Government Health Secretary Humza Yousaf MSP, especially elderly care and digital health, are underlined here by Open Access Government.
Military burn pits

Military burn pits: A toxic legacy of war

In recent years, the use of military burn pits has become one of the most widely discussed concerns about both current service members and veterans’ health.

AI for mammography performance and quality enhancement

Lisa Johnston, PhD, Product Expert at Volpara Health, explains the use of AI for mammography performance and quality enhancement.

Digital transformation at the point of care

Nicola Hall, the Director NAO Consultancy Ltd discusses the point of care under the advancement of technology and digital transformation.
Close up of a doctor holding and showing orange awareness ribbon in her hands

Improve multiple sclerosis treatment in the UK

Phillip Anderson, Head of Policy at the MS Society UK, describes the need to improve multiple sclerosis treatment, care & support, including access to disease modifying therapies.
Pile of pills, new drug development - Acoustic Cluster Therapy

Increasing blood-brain barrier permeability with Acoustic Cluster Therapy (ACT®) to enhance drug delivery in...

Despite the rising incidence of Central Nervous System diseases worldwide, efficient treatment options for neurological disorders remain scarce. Treatment failures are principally associated with the inability of drugs to pass the highly selective Blood-Brain Barrier rather than a lack of efficacy.
Sunlight through Curtains

The two main types of skin cancer

British Skin Foundation walk us through the two main types of skin cancer, melanoma & non-melanoma, and the importance of funding research in the field.
Toxic waste/chemicals stored in barrels at a plant - blue cans with chemicals, industry oil barrels

Predictive toxicology evolving from in vivo to in vitro to in silico systems

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, lifts the lid on predictive toxicology evolving from in vivo to in vitro to in silico systems starting with a look at organoids & organ-on-chip microfluidic devices.
medical records

UK medical records success within the NHS

Dr Vijay Magon, Managing Director of CCube Solutions, demonstrates here how their project successes and expertise working with the NHS is providing cost-effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements.
Heavily pregnant woman drinking glass of red wine in bed

Drinking during pregnancy changes baby’s brain

Drinking during pregnancy, even in low to moderate amounts, can change the baby’s brain structure and delay brain development.
toxicological research

Toxicological research is key to sustaining human health and wellbeing

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, argues that toxicological research is key to sustaining human health and wellbeing .
Heavily pregnant woman looking out the window

How pregnancy changes the brain: 70% of women experience mental health issues

Pregnancy changes the brain in profound and long-lasting ways, affecting brain physiology, mood and behaviour.
stomach cancer cells

Potential cancer vaccine shows promise in animal trials

Investigators from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have announced an experimental therapeutic cancer vaccine.
Beautiful image of tree in autumn, floor covered in red leaves, ring of mushrooms in foreground

7 of the most poisonous mushrooms in UK to look out for this autumn

Some of the world's most poisonous mushrooms can be spotted in the UK from the end of summer onwards - here's what to look out for on your next autumnal walk.
Personalising genome sequencing

Personalising genome sequencing doubles the diagnosis of rare diseases

Implementing personalising genome sequencing and tailoring analysis to each individual patient could double diagnostic rates of rare diseases.

AI in healthcare can help save time & brain

Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK, explains why AI in healthcare can deliver time efficiencies & better standards of care for patients.

Do you really need to be taking paracetamol?

Paracetamol is Britain’s most trusted painkiller with the average person taking up to 70 paracetamol per year, however there are safety issues.
Stone statue of pregnant woman

Do PCOS symptoms vary depending on where you live?

Women's PCOS symptoms vary from state to state in America and are influenced by race and general health, here's why.

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