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inclusive higher education

Addressing barriers to inclusive higher education in China

James Pitman, Managing Director UK and Europe, Study Group, addresses the barriers to inclusive higher education (HE) in China.
sustainable finance, financial sector

£1.2 million sustainable finance pledge against greenhouse gases

The Bank of America and the University of Oxford pledge £1.2 million to support greenhouse gas removal and sustainable finance research.
higher education institutions, technological advances

What key changes could improve higher education institutions?

Three key changes to expect in higher education institutions include engaging hands-on courses, technological advances and upskilling.
student loan repayment, mental health

Does student loan repayment have negative health consequences?

Student loan repayment can heighten cardiovascular illness risk for middle-aged adults in the US, as mental health worsens with greater debt.
women in economics,

Only 25% of global senior-level positions held by women in economics

Women are noticeably underrepresented in many academic professions, with a distinct lack of women in economics – particularly in universities.
private school education, mental health

Private school education does not lead to better mental health

A national survey finds that state school pupils are just as happy with their lives as counterparts who received private school education.
studying in Japan, space exploration

Education equals innovation when studying in Japan

Open Access Government discuss Japan’s focus on supporting young researchers to help achieve the country’s scientific research and development goals when studying in Japan.
zero trust security model, security model for higher education

Towards a zero trust security model for higher education

Martin Roots, Managing Director of Expede Group Limited, charts the pathway to a zero trust security model for higher education.
girls STEM education, education sector

Learning with technology in public and higher education

Dean Emeritus Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, discusses the future of girls and women in STEM education.
The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

Here, the Expede Group look at one of the pressing issues of contemporary education - protecting high value student data in an increasingly digital world.
pandemic resource allocation, covid-19 university

New model simplifies resource allocation to slow pandemic

A model developed by Boston University can project COVID housing needs, up to ten days in advance - which can slow the spread of the virus.
bame students, postgraduate

£2.5 million scheme to support BAME students in postgraduate research

To inspire more Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students into postgraduate research, Durham university have introduced a £2.5 million scheme to diversify their education programmes.
lectures double speed

Students retain information even when watching lectures at double-speed

Students can still retain information when watching their lectures at up to twice the speed, as recorded lectures have expanded during the pandemic.
astrophysics and astronomy

Astrophysics and astronomy in the U.S.

How is the U.S. National Science Foundation improving diversity in astrophysics and astronomy? Here, Open Access Government investigates.
Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University

The Department of Animal Science, based within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has a long history of teaching and research innovation.

From vocational education to labour market integration

Irene Kriesi and Miriam Grønning explain how initial vocational education and training in Switzerland facilitates fast and smooth labour market entry, but also offers heterogenous career prospects.
ecology and conservation, diversity in ecology

New data highlights lack of diversity in ecology and conservation

Out of the top authors in ecology and conservation journals, 11% were by women and 75% of the articles focused on five countries in the Global North.
Financial education

Financial education: Helping young people navigate the economic arena 

Sharon Davies, CEO, Young Enterprise, looks into the financial pressures facing university students, the hurdles they must overcome and what can be done to help combat these issues.
student-centred design

Elevating the HE digital experience through student-centred design

Mark Picken, Managing Director of Content Design London, discusses how student-centred design can enhance universities digital offerings.
university model

A digital university model post-COVID

Dr John Miles, Founder and CEO of Inkpath, discusses the next steps for Higher Education after the 'forced experiment' in digital provision brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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