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Compulsory mathematics education: Why not make broader learning the reality?

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Education and Diversity at the Royal Academy of Engineering, says a broader education for all would be better than just extending mathematics education.
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Further education institutions funding hit requires ‘bullet-proof’ financial response

Further education institutions have experienced much turbulence since the COVID-19 pandemic, but now more recently, are being hit with funding constraints.
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Delivering a more tailored higher education experience

66% of university students want a blend of in-person and online teaching, suggesting that the hybrid approach is best for the higher education experience.
Radcliffe Camera and part of All Souls College in Oxford , Oxfordshire, England.

Elite universities in the UK: what’s the competition?

The UK’s elite universities hold their prestige against Ivy league universities – but why are grades alone not enough to secure a place?
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What factors to consider when choosing a university in the UK

What is the decision-making process in choosing a university, and how is it far more than deciding which subject to study?
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UK degrees with the best prospects for 2023

An investment in knowledge is the best investment and this applies to what is arguably our first investment in life - our education. Here's what UK degrees are best for 2023.
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The crucial elements of a successful student engagement analytics  strategy

Professor Neil Morris, Digital Education Consultant, discusses what you need for a successful student engagement analytics strategy.
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Future talent: why graduates, apprentices and interns are so important to the public sector

Andy Lethbridge, Head of Consulting, central government, at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, discusses why graduates, apprentices and interns are critical for the public sector.
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Supporting science, theology and philosophy research

Open Access Government unpacks the work of the John Templeton Foundation, in supporting research across the sciences as well as in the areas of theology and philosophy.
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Working-class students need ‘sense of opportunity’ to attend university

Working-class students need to be presented with a 'sense of opportunity' at school for university to feel like a realistic option.
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How can today’s higher education leaders more effectively utilise data analytics?

Data analytics could transform student experiences, but higher education institutions need to gather and efficiently measure information.
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Are we answering our prospective and current students’ needs in recruitment?

In the post-pandemic era of recruitment & retention, how can we ensure that students realize the value on their investment?
DEFEND Scholars

AAMU DEFEND Scholars Participate in NSF Sponsored S-STEM “Summer Melt” Program

The participation of DEFEND Scholars in the S-STEM "Summer Melt" Program helps to increase the number of underrepresented students.

After school closures, our focus needs to be on design

Following school closures due to COVID-19, schools need to reopen with safer designs in mind to protect students and help them attain an education.
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Science education reform in the U.S.

Sierra Morandi, Jennifer Schellinger and Sherry A. Southerland from Florida State University, shed light on science education reform efforts in the U.S.
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Levelling Up White Paper: Six UK capitals and what they mean for universities

Following on from a recent Institute of Economic Development event, Professor Andy Westwood unpicks the challenges facing universities around Levelling Up and addressing inequalities.
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Knowledge through scientific research for innovation

Prof Dr Preethi Kesavan, Head, School of Technology at LSBF Singapore, describes the role of knowledge generated through scientific research for innovation and future societal development.
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Student loan interest rates to be capped at 6.3%

From September 2022, there will be additional cuts to student loan interest to protect borrowers from rising inflation rates.
University leader giving a lecture to students

Can university leaders deliver what students want from future education?

Research looks at what university leaders can do to improve higher education for students to make them stay in education.
The benefits of cyber security awareness training with universities

The benefits of cyber security awareness training within universities

This eBook explores the ever growing importance of ensuring adequate cyber security awareness training within universities.

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