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Busy highway to Toronto Downtown. Ontario, Canada

1.5 million immigrants to receive permanent residency in Canada to aid economy

The Canadian government have announced their plan to take in 500,000 immigrants annually under permanent residency schemes – but will this benefit Canada’s economic gap?
Family house with solar panels on the roof for water heating

Councils can save residents £1600 off their annual energy bills with rooftop solar

Rooftop solar energy provided by councils could help the UK through the energy crisis, saving on costs and lowering national carbon emissions.
UK 13 AMP Socket tester showing plug working correctly

Do more to tackle energy poverty

Ioannis Vardakastanis, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, argues that the EU and Member States must do more to tackle energy poverty and protect vulnerable consumers.
Timber house frame against blue sky

Living in timber houses could avoid 100 billion tonnes of emissions

Housing a growing population in timber houses, as opposed to conventional steel and concrete, could save 100 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases.
Graphic with red arrow illustrating how house prices are dropping

Are house prices going down?

For the first time this year, house prices are going down but experts believe the fall is due to holidays, not rate rises.
A street of boarded up derelict houses in Liverpool

Nobody’s Home: How can councils get empty homes back into use?

With the cost-of-living crisis at an unaffordable high, councils need to address empty homes and how they can benefit from having new occupants.
EV charging point outside a property in London

Grants can help landlords install EV charge points in their properties

EV charge points are becoming more essential for those with electric vehicles, but how can they be more accessible to owners?
cost of living, expensive cities

5 most expensive cities to live in the world

Ever wondered where the most expensive cities to live in the world are? Open Access Government looks into price comparisons of basic goods and utilities in 5 of the priciest cities around the globe.
house prices

UK house prices are 65 times higher today than in 1970

Average UK house prices hit record high in June, making today's average house price 65 times more expensive than in 1970.
led lighting, energy crisis

Transitions to efficient LED lighting can mitigate the energy crisis

Accelerating the transition to energy-efficient connected LED lighting could help households and businesses mitigate the energy crisis.

How language and communication barriers affect UK government organisations

Joe Miller, Pocketalk General Manager of the Americas and Europe, explores how language and communication barriers affect UK government organisations & the solutions available.
contract management pioneer programme

Boosting commercial capability with the Contract Management Pioneer Programme

The Contract Management Pioneer Programme is boosting commercial capability across the public sector, Crown Commercial Service writes.
mortgage lenders, minority groups

Racist mortgage lenders charge 8% higher interest to ethnic minorities

Borrowers from minority groups were charged 8% higher interest rates from mortgage lenders and were rejected for loans 14% more often than those from privileged groups.
the property sector, workforce

Working from home: The impact on the property sector

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians Management, reflects on how the pandemic has affected working patterns along with the impact of working from home on the property sector.
respiratory health indigenous

Poor housing creates respiratory health issues for Indigenous children

In First Nation communities in Canada, poor housing conditions lead to frequent rates of respiratory infections - especially in children under three.
grenfell unsafe cladding, grenfell developers

UK changes post-Grenfell plan for unsafe cladding

After the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, the UK failed to remove unsafe cladding across the country - now, the Government has a new proposal for developers.
vaccine hesitancy in black communities, housing insecurity

Study connects housing insecurity to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities

Research by Augusta University, published in Vaccines, found that housing insecurity is connected to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities - especially when it comes to the younger population.
housing residents

Helping social housing residents find their voice

Civica's Justin Fisher looks at how housing associations are developing better relationships in the wake of the Grenfell fire.
estate management

Forging a path to better estate management

Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO, Freespace, walks us through forging a path to better estate management.
vacant property, buildings

Repurposed buildings: How to best manage the vacant property until that happens?

Repurposing could be the answer to the social and affordable housing shortage. But how can we manage a vacant property until that happens? Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians Management Ltd, explore.

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