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home ownership

Home ownership dream is still alive for UK teens

Two-thirds of UK teens still expect to own a home within the next ten years, according to a new report on the issues facing young people today
illegal gas fitters

Liverpool Council to tackle illegal gas fitters who are putting lives at risk from...

Liverpool City Council has agreed a ground-breaking initiative to provide life-saving technology that will tackle the dangers of illegal gas fitters and keep tenants safe
exogenous factors

The impact of exogenous factors on high rise housing estates

Dr Gideon Bolt from the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University details the impact of exogenous factors on high rise housing estates.
green belt

Redefining the green belt to tackle the UK’s housing crisis

astudio argues that redefining the green belt will help tackle the UK’s current housing crisis 
social housing residents

Social housing residents to receive new deal

A new deal for social housing residents, as part of the government's commitment to make a housing market fit for the future has been launched by Secretary of State for Communities Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP

Tech companies win government competition to help renters onto property ladder

Winners of the government's Rent Recognition Challenge Tech will use their prize money to create a simple to use apps that will help renters towards owning their own home.

Eco-friendly homes: a look at millennials and the housing market

When you think about a typical house, it is usually made from either stone or brick, powered by electricity and has a roof structured to protect its residents from rain. However, as millennials hit the housing market, the criteria has begun to change and they are driving the construction of ‘wellness-minded’ buildings.
Scotland's broadband

Solving Scotland’s broadband shortfall

Richard Watts, Head of Business Development at VXFIBER assesses whether the open access model can allow local authorities to solve Scotland’s lack of high-speed broadband connectivity.
specialised housing

£76m to build specalised housing for vulnerable people to live independently

Government have announced a plans to build thousands of extra homes, specially designed for people with disabilities, mental health issues and older people who need extra support, over the next three years which will be funded by an additional £76 million a year.
rough sleeping

£100 million government plan to end rough sleeping by 2027

The government plans to help thousands of rough sleepers through a new £100 million strategy which focuses on moving people away from the streets and into affordable accommodation.
supported housing

Supported housing funding to be retained in welfare system

Housing benefit will be kept in place for all those living in supported housing, the government has announced

Compliance: Reassurance in today’s complex and fast- changing world

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians Management Ltd explains why compliance is a reassurance in today’s complex and fast-changing world
mid-sized cities

Mid-sized cities: The key to inclusive growth in the UK

Cllr Peter Box, Chair of Key Cities takes the stance that mid-sized cities are key to inclusive growth in the UK
UK government estate

Managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently

Open Access Government charts the role of the Office of Government Property (OGP) and the Government Property Agency (GPA) in managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently
Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 2022 brings ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’

The Commonwealth Games arriving in Birmingham will provide a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ according to the projects City Design & Conservation Manager
green belt

Supporting the protection of the green belt in the UK

Paul Miner, Head of Strategic Plans and Devolution at the Campaign to Protect Rural England explains why the organisation strongly supports the green belt policy in the UK
Global Guardians

Maximising the potential of your vacant property

Global Guardians discuss issues with vacant property during redesign, rebuild and refurbishment stages, or while being sold for redevelopment
housing allocation

The role of housing allocation in the decline of high rise housing estates

Dr Gideon Bolt from the Department of Human Geography and Planning, Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University tells us about the vital role of housing allocation in the decline of high rise housing estates
rough sleeping

Housing Secretary awards funding to reduce rough sleeping

Housing Secretary James Brokenshire awards funding to Greater Manchester, Liverpool and the West Midlands to reduce rough sleeping
rough sleeping

Mayor of Greater Manchester demands housing should be a ‘human right like health or...

Andy Burnham, mayor of Greater Manchester has urged the government to tackle the homeless crisis on UK streets by granting local leaders with new freedoms to build more properties for social rent.

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