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In therapy, the mid adult female counselor talks to the attentive young man and his unseen sister.

Skyrocketing inflation worsens student mental health crisis

The current economic situation, marked by soaring inflation, is significantly impacting student mental health and worsening the ongoing crisis among young people.
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UK government’s Cost of Living payment given to 8 million households

The UK government delivers the Cost of Living payment to over 8 million financially vulnerable households, set to receive £301 today.
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How to manage your business cash flow during a recession

A recession can lead to business cash flow problems in your organisation, here's how you can learn to recession-proof your finances with effective cash flow management.
Junior NHS doctors across the country have taken part in a 24 hour walk-out in opposition to a government plan to introduce new contracts

Inflation in the NHS: How do we better allocate capital funding?

Rising costs of living severely affect the NHS and the health sector, but can efficient capital funding mitigate soaring inflation?
English twenty pounds cash money are liyng on a table with house keys in a black leather keyholder. Great Britain pounds. House payment, saving money to buy a house or to make a monthly payment for rent

Struggling homeowners less likely to take remortgaging opportunities

What does the Bank of England base rate expected rise mean for homeowners already struggling to pay their monthly repayments?Is remortgaging the answer?
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How high can interest rates and public debt get?

The Bank of England puts its interest rates up for the 10th time, from 3.5% to 4% – the highest it has been since 2014.
Meaning of saving money concept with piggy bank over the coins, Expense to the future

Five industries to see reduction in employer pension contributions

Amid a cost of living crisis and the retirement age increasing, employees are worried about cuts in employer pension contributions - who will be the worst hit?
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Curing the UK inflation rate: investment, high labour productivity, high wages

The UK inflation rate rose massively in 2022, exacerbating the cost-of-living crisis across the country. What can be done to counter these economic burdens?
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UK economic crisis leads to the country’s longest recession yet

Unemployment is predicted to double and interest rates are to reach 3% in 2022, as the UK economic crisis worsens the cost of living once more.
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Private equity firms re-focus on optimising portfolios

Julie Neal, director at management consultancy Vendigital, discusses why private equity firms must re-focus on optimising portfolios.
Keir Starmer against red background reading 'KEIR STARMER ANOTHER FUTURE IS POSSIBLE'

Will the Labour Party win the next general election?

The Labour Party has achieved its largest poll lead in over two decades over the Conservatives; is this enough to win the next general election? 
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USDA invests $2 billion in food banks and school meal programs

USDA will provide nearly $2 billion in additional funding to food banks and school meal programs for purchasing American-grown foods.
Woman wearing face mask shopping for groceries in US supermarket amidst the cost of living crisis, some empty shelves due to supply issues

The frightening cost of living in the U.S: a Price Index Review

With food and energy prices increasing exponentially, it comes as no surprise that 67% of Americans are worried about the cost of living.
Meeting a team of business men, Executives and accountants meeting about the company's revenue graph in the office with laptops

Predictable, profitable and resilient revenue during times of volatility

How do we generate resilient revenue during pandemics and periods of inflation? The answer lies in rethinking revenue planning and attaining the right technology.
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The Great Resignation: Staff not receiving pay rise in line with inflation

Only 8% of businesses are giving staff a pay rise in line with inflation and as a result, staff are leaving.

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