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5G concept in the city. Many wireless symbols on the top of the buildings

5G and net zero: can the two coincide?

ICT must play its role in decarbonisation, but is there already a link between 5G and net zero infrastructure?
low code

Low-code helps UK councils to digitally transform and abandon legacy IT systems

Legacy IT systems are an obstacle to many UK councils in customer service operation, but low-code may be able to advance next-generation digital services.
coding tech on a computer

How will low-code tech shape the future?

While digitalisation is a way for businesses to prepare for an economic recession, low-code tech could spur innovation in the UK market.
concept of a digital city and cyber space

The dawn of a cyber-physical internet

Philip Young, Director of Policy, Research & Strategic Engagement, Digital Catapult, argues that we’re at the dawn of a cyber-physical internet. Governments globally must lead the way, he says.
Guiding you through the future of telecommunications

Guiding you through the future of telecommunications

Segmentation Group explain the crucial need for knowing where you need to be when it comes to the future of telecommunications.

How has technology become a solution to global issues?

Digitised Smart Nation drives will continue to push people's limits and potential for the future, and smart living will impact people's health, mental health, and well-being.
Hacking the Internet, website hacker.

Russian disinformation tackled by new website laws in the UK

New UK laws will require social networks and websites to look for and remove Russian disinformation, including a new criminal offence of 'foreign interference'.
unhappiness, social media

Unhappiness on Instagram: Can we train algorithms to detect it?

Researchers are developing algorithms to detect unhappiness on social media, which identify the basic needs of users from the content they share.
diversity, tokenism

Lack of diversity brings ‘colourism’ and ‘tokenism’ to retail websites

Lighter-skinned models are more frequently used to represent diversity on most retail websites – if there are darker-skinned models, they’re ‘tokens’ of diverse marketing.
digital deprivation, digital divide

Why we must avert the threat of ‘digital deprivation’

David Hennell, Business Development Director at National Broadband, discusses the threat of digital deprivation and what can be done about it.
climate change denialism, IPCC report

Twitter bans climate change denial from advertising spaces

Ads which promote climate change denial will be banned from the social media platform, but individual users won't be affected by the change.
fast fashion culture, social media

Social media “influence” accelerates fast fashion culture

Fast fashion culture, though widely disapproved of, is still on the rise as social media companies use it as a marketing ploy for adolescents.
environmental websites, carbon emissions

43% of major environmental websites make mass carbon emissions

An analysis of the ‘cleanest’ environmental websites reveals that over 57% of major environmental websites run on sustainable energy.
meaningful internet connectivity, gender gap

Report finds gender gap in meaningful internet connectivity

A report by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (AFA) finds that just one in ten people in parts of the Global South have meaningful internet connectivity - with a gender gap existing across all countries.
image search gender bias

Google’s image search gender bias shows underrepresentation of women

Google image searches of certain professions, such as “CEO”, have been found to solely represent men – Google claimed to have fixed this – but the results can change searchers’ worldviews.
digital services act, digital regulations

European parliament adopts draft of Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (DSA), a European attempt to place digital regulations on tech giants like Facebook and Google, passed with a strong majority.
misogyny women's sport, misogynistic attitudes

Misogyny towards women’s sports common amongst male fans

Research analysing online message boards finds male football fans are commonly misogynistic, hostile, and sexist towards women’s sports.
ts3 framework

Ogel IT Ltd: A supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s TS3 Framework

Sam Newman, Managing Director discusses how Ogel IT Ltd. has been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Technology Services 3 (TS3) Framework.
Verifiable Credentials

Verifying documents & identity in the public services and beyond

David Chadwick, Crossword Cybersecurity, outlines how the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard works and why he believes it will become the de facto credentials mechanism for public sector services in the near future.
Children’s Code

Online safety – the ICO’s Children’s Code

Julian Hayes, Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP, examines the new Children's Code in relation to online harms which came into force on September 2nd.

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