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same-sex convictions

UK to wipe historical convictions for same-sex sexual activity

The UK government will continue more pardons for people with historical criminal convictions of same-sex consensual sexual activity.
global south mrna, intellectual property

Over 100 Global South factories could make mRNA vaccines

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) found that over 100 manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are capable of making mRNA COVID vaccines - but pharmaceutical companies won't waive intellectual property rights.
online safety bill report, women online abuse

Online Safety Bill report finds 62% of women face online abuse

According to evidence in the Online Safety Bill report, 62% of women aged between 18-34 experience online abuse and harassment - with 50% of 11-16 year old girls also facing these issues online.
internet governance online

UN says measures to improve cyberspace safety needed now

With 782 million people joining the internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people when they are online?
democracy and rule of law

Strengthening democracy and rule of law through education

Maaike De Ridder and Nadja Krotow, RECONNECT researchers, explore how democracy and rule of law can be strengthened through education and raising awareness.
freed slave, lusta case

Law focus: A Roman girl who wanted to be a “freed slave”

Mariko Igimi, Professor from Kyushu University, Faculty of Law, reviews “Iusta case” from the perspective of familia.
access to justice

Data-driven solutions to reverse decline in justice access

Lauren Kitz, Director of Engagement at the World Justice Project, argues that data-driven solutions are needed to reverse the pandemic-era decline in access to justice.
Fixed Penalty Notice, littering

Public unaware of what is actually classed as litter

Dyl Kurpil, Managing Director, District Enforcement asks, are the general public aware of what is actually classed as litter and the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) litterers can be subject to?.
banned from drinking

Offenders banned from drinking in crime prevention measure

Offenders being released from prison are now to be banned from drinking alcohol under new world-first plans, aiming to prevent crimes committed under the influence.
medicolegal death

Shortages in medicolegal death investigation

In the second part of a series of articles, shortages in medicolegal death investigation are placed under the spotlight by Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, Chief Medical Examiner at Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
UK police culture, sentencing police

Barrister says “institutional change” needed in UK police culture

Francesca Kirby, barrister at Red Lion Chambers, considers if there will be a shift in sentencing and UK police culture following reports of misconduct in the force.
mass shooting incidents

Learn from mass shooting incidents to shape gun control

Dean of the School of Justice at Staffordshire University, states that we need to continue to learn from mass shooting incidents to shape gun control
transition clean energy, patent

Can innovation accelerate the global transition to clean energy?

Ben Palmer, patent attorney at Withers & Rogers, examines how many patents have been filed for hydrogen energy inventions - what does the number say about clean energy technology?
UK law of protest, human rights act

Emerging threats: Recent developments in the UK law of protest

Sailesh Mehta and Tim Kiely, Barristers at Red Lion Chambers, look at the volatile landscape of UK law of protest - especially in the wake of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.
greening government committee, climate change

New Greening Government Committee targets for 2025

The Greening Government Committee has created new climate change targets for the period 2021-2025.
modern slavery and money laundering

Modern slavery and money laundering: Guidance for businesses

John Binns, partner at BCL Solicitors LLP, provides guidance to businesses on the complex laws of modern slavery and money laundering.
COVID-19 cure

COVID-19 cure fraud: How far can the law go in judging religious beliefs?

The prosecution of a bishop for selling a supposed COVID-19 cure raises questions about how far the can law go in judging religious beliefs. John Binns and Suzanne Gallagher of BCL Solicitors LLP investigate.
pandora papers

Government reform needed after latest ‘Pandora’s box’ opening

Dan Secretan, co-founder of Xapien, discusses the need for UK Government reform in light of the recent Pandora Papers data leak.
cybersecurity is national security

Cybersecurity is national security for all nations

Yonatan Striem-Amit, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Cybereason, provides insight into why cybersecurity is national security for all nations.
national privacy legislation

How state laws drive the future of national privacy legislation

Rob Shavell, Co-Founder and CEO of Abine/DeleteMe, discusses how “local & limited” privacy laws will shape the future of national privacy legislation.

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