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GPS tag for offenders, UK Justice secretary

UK enforces 24/7 surveilliance using GPS tag for offenders

UK Justice Secretary David Gauke announced the national roll-out for a new GPS tag for offenders, giving 24/7 location to protect victims from the same crime.
brexit change the game, brexit human resources

How will Brexit change the game for Human Resources?

In the aftermath of an untidy referendum, Britain’s decision to exit the European Union has been filled with continued uncertainty about how Brexit will change the HR game.
Finn's Law

Finn’s Law Bill passes it’s final Commons stages

Today the Service Animals Bill, also known as Finn's Law, passed its final Commons stages and will proceed to the House of Lords.
Uk aid to rohingya, Cox's Bazaar

UK to aid Rohingya refugees: where are they now?

In 2019, there are over 600,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and we are left wondering: will the Myanmar government ever take responsibility? What will happen to them?
countries censor the internet, internet censorship

Why do some countries censor the internet?

The current technological movement gives the impression that the internet is unrestrained: read on to find out about seven countries enforcing censorship of the internet.
legal infrastructures, blockchain businesses

Benefits for blockchain business when considering legal infrastructures

Graham Hansen, Commercial associate and data protection expert from HRC Law, discusses what the benefits are for blockchain businesses when taking into account their legal infrastructures.
knife crime prevention orders, UK knife crime

UK Home Secretary: new Knife Crime Prevention Orders

The UK Home Secretary is changing the government’s response to knife crime and will be introducing new Knife Crime Prevention Orders to prevent criminals carrying blades.
northern ireland abortion rights, landmark legal case abortion

Sarah Ewart: landmark legal case for Northern Ireland abortion rights

This week, the Belfast High Court will hear a case that could find Northern Ireland’s abortion law in breach of the UK’s human rights commitments.
pregnant women and new parents

Further job protection given to pregnant women and new parents

Pregnant women and new parents returning to work are to be further protected from unfairly losing their jobs under new proposals set out by the government.
mental capacity law reform, strengthen's peoples human rights

Mental capacity law reform: threatens human rights

The UK government must resolve confusing and troubling aspects of its mental capacity law reform if it wants to strengthen people’s human rights.
law and language

Law and Language: Understanding multilingual EU Law

In the first of a series of five articles exploring the phenomenon of multilingual EU law, Dr Karen McAuliffe, PI on the European Research Council funded project ‘Law and Language at the European Court of Justice’, explains the importance of taking language into account when thinking about law
EU law

Ensuring the consistent application and interpretation of EU law

The Court of Justice of the European Union was founded in 1952 to work with the Member States in ensuring the consistent application and interpretation of European Union (EU) law. Open Access Government finds out more about the excellent work they do
Birmingham Law School

The Law and Language at the European Court of Justice Project

The Law and Language at the European Court of Justice (LLECJ) Project is led by Dr Karen McAuliffe and is based at the University of Birmingham’s School of Law
copyright law

The future of copyright law in Europe

Daniel Dalton MEP of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group shares his thoughts on the key issues on the future of copyright law in Europe
digital crime

How can UK law enforcement join forces to combat digital crime?

John Wright, Senior Industry Director, Unisys details how UK law enforcement can join forces to combat today’s digital crime.

Multiverse theories in physics from the vantage point of philosophy

Dr Simon Friederich from University College Groningen sheds light on multiverse theories in physics from the perspective of philosophy

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