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A multi-tiered cellblock is seen from the prison guard secured area

90% of female-identifying transgender prisoners kept in male prisons

Across the UK, changes are being made to the framework policies for the allocation of transgender prisoners – most with thorough risk assessments.
Confederate Flag Rally

US states lack effective hate crime legislation despite increasing hate crimes

Hate crimes in the United States have increased in frequency in recent years, however, legislation protecting victims is limited across many states.
The scanning of the fingerprint. High technologies of information protection and biometric identification and verification

Digital forensics in policing: Making modern practices a priority

Jon Cook, International Training Instructor, Exterro, discusses how and why digital forensics must become a part of modern policing.
QR code and smartphone, new technologies. Electronic digital technologies scanning, barcode

EU packaging laws and the digital barcode revolution

Why digital barcodes will revolutionise retail for brands and customers by helping them navigate EU packaging laws.

The top five things organisations get wrong in their privacy statement

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Director of WuDo Solutions, delves into the top mistakes businesses make, and what a good privacy statement looks like.
Scared monkey in cage in laboratory

Alternatives to animal testing: science, ethics and the law

Laura Rego Alvarez, Head of Science Policy & Regulation at Cruelty Free International, discusses the science and ethics behind alternatives to animal testing.
person online in bed, online safety bill

UK Online Safety Bill returns to Parliament: Who is most at risk?

This month the UK’s Online Safety Bill will return to Parliament and the news can’t come soon enough for children and young people at risk from online harm and abuse.
Two young men smoking cannabis, sat outside amongst greenery

Legalization of recreational cannabis linked with increased alcohol consumption

States that oversaw the legalization of recreational cannabis linked to increased alcohol consumption that is largely driven by young adults and men.
A plant for recycling bottles

Plastic identification could put the burden of waste back on the polluters

Conducting a combination of DNA-like encoding of plastics, a research team discover plastic identification could be a strategy against the pollution crisis.
professional investigators, at a crime scene

When, why and how legal teams should embrace professional investigators

Inquisitive, thorough, and multi-skilled professional investigators are a key weapon in a legal team’s arsenal after a client suffers a loss.
Monkey in cage, clinging on to bars, looking out, animal testing in laboratories

Animal testing: 107% rise in non-compliance of animal protection laws

Report from the Home Office’s ASRU highlights a drastic rise in cases of non-compliance with laws around animal testing and protection of animals in laboratories.
LONDON, UK - MARCH 1TH 2014. London protesters march against worldwide government corruption. In London on 1th March 2014.

Transformative change to tackle predatory police officers

Dr Emma Cunningham, Senior Lecturer Criminology, University of East London, explores how predatory police officers and police culture can transform across England and Wales to better support and protect women.
Bong and gold cannabis leaf in shop window

Germany becomes one of the first European countries to legalise cannabis

Germany has made plans to legalise cannabis, which could create up to 27,000 new jobs and save around about 4.7 billion euros.
in an abortion clinic

UK government to fund abortion services in Northern Ireland

Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris is commissioning state-funded abortion services across Northern Ireland, after the region fails to provide support for women.
uk banknotes and money on a tax paper

“Fickle, False and Full of Fraud”: The UK is on the brink of recession...

The risk of a UK recession is nearing, and economic fraud could be on the rise too. To combat this, new government bills could change laws for the better.
97% of women in the UK, UN women UK

Research finds that 97% of women in the UK have been sexually harassed

An investigation by UN Women UK found that 97% of women surveyed have been sexually harassed, with a further 96% not reporting those situations because of the belief that it would not change anything.
Protests for Mahsa Amini

Iran protests the brutality of the ‘morality police’ over headscarf rules

The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has influenced mass protests across Iran, after being killed by morality police due to headscarf rules.
cyber security concept in a business

An increase in cyber attack fines highlights firms’ need to tighten security

One in five companies that has been the victim of a cyber attack has felt the increased financial impact of a substantial cyber attack fine.
a doctor writing notes on medical cannabis

What can the UK government do for the legalisation of medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis remains difficult to attain in healthcare under the British government, but it holds great promise for both NHS patients and the economy.
woman looking at her screen with the concept of personal data and digital identity

Digital identity laws for better trust in big tech

As big tech gains influence, we need a central anchor of trust for our identities, which can be found in new digital identity laws Identity is experiencing a phenomenal shift across the UK and Europe. In the UK, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) recently created a new...

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