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wood technology

Boosting innovation in the wood technology sector

Professor Frédéric Pichelin from Bern University of Applied Sciences takes us on a journey to explore the importance of boosting innovation in the wood technology sector by using a multidisciplinary approach In this compelling feature about wood technology, we learn that wood is one of the best materials to develop both multifunctional...
frictional metamaterials

Rubbing shoulders with frictional metamaterials

Julien Scheibert, researcher at CNRS/Ecole Centrale de Lyon explores the fascinating world of frictional metamaterials and their potential

Why does Heterocyclic Chemistry matter?

Professor Colin J Suckling of University of Strathclyde explores the reasons why Heterocyclic Chemistry matters in the world today

Carbonation induced corrosion of reinforced concrete revisited

The effect of carbonation induced corrosion on reinforced concrete must be addressed both for safety and environmental reasons, say researchers from ETH Zurich.

Challenging the conventional packaging methods and materials

Angela Morris, CEO, The Wool Packaging Company Ltd talks about challenging pharmaceutical cold chain packaging convention.

Boosting innovation in the wood technology sector

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary to stimulate the wood technology sector, says Professor Frédéric Pichelin, of Bern University of Applied Sciences

Lighting up future materials and devices

Stefan Hecht at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin outlines how light-based technologies will spark innovation in material science and nanotechnology The emergence of life and our existence is inevitably bound to the sun as the prime energy source for our planet. Photosynthesis provides the basis for the continuous production of biomass, which...
Smart accredited mechanical testing facility Swansea

Accreditation: The SMaRT way forward in testing and academia

Specialising in accredited mechanical testing, SMaRT is building on its links with research, academia and industry from its Swansea base Swansea Materials Research & Testing Ltd (SMaRT Ltd) is a specialised supplier of mechanical test data to industry and academia. It was established in 2009 as a spin-out company by...

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