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UK government council building

UK Government creates a ‘Net Zero Council’ to support key sectors

In line with the UK’s plans to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a circular economy, the recently created Net Zero Council aims to develop greener practices.

On the road to zero, no driver should be left behind – Which means...

Csilla Heim at Easee looks at the accessibility of EVs, explaining that net zero is in sight, but only with accessible charging infrastructure for all.
A view of Wind Turbines in the Scottish Borders, Scotland.

The revised UK net zero strategy: Moving ambition into action

The government announced the next level of detail in its revised UK net zero strategy, launching the “Powering up Britain” strategy.

Shell fleet solutions: Fleet decarbonisation report and exploring framework compliant routes to fleet electrification

A recent report from Shell and Deloitte, ‘Navigating Fleet Decarbonisation: A Guide to Driving a Successful Transition’, highlights the importance of electric vehicles (EVs) as a route to decarbonisation for fleets everywhere, but how straightforward is the transition?
energy source and engineer

How can local authorities utilise energy networks for decarbonisation?

Many local authorities are working to reduce their reliance on the national grid by implementing and optimising local energy networks.
person working in a public sector building

CCS could save the public sector over £2 billion with its Energy 2 agreement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) released their new Energy 2 agreement, expected to supply up to £51 billion of electricity and gas to the public sector.
Aerial view at group of business people working together and preparing new project on a meeting in the office

A national planning framework can’t forget local authorities

The national planning framework is the bible guiding all land-use, house-building, and energy-planning decisions in the UK.
Toronto Skyline with purple light - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How can we reach Canada’s net-zero targets by 2050?

The Hon. Steven Guilbeault’s prioritises to help reach Canada’s net-zero targets by 2050, as charted here by Open Access Government, including the health angle.
Cairo aerial View and Nile River in Egypt

Exploring and understanding Egypt’s sustainable initiatives

Luma Saqqaf, CEO of Ajyal Sustainability Consulting, walks us through Egypt’s sustainable initiatives, especially Egypt Vision 2030.
building windows

Reducing emissions from public sector buildings

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health weighs up the aim of reducing emissions from public sector buildings by 75% by 2037, compared to a 2017 baseline.
Digital background depicting innovative technologies, data protection Internet technologies. Cloud computing digital concept

How public cloud computing can help the public sector achieve net zero targets

Why migrating to public cloud computing is essential to achieve Net Zero targets and drive meaningful change in the UK public sector.
London Overground with the City of London skyscrapers in the background (including The Gerkhin)

UK transport sector: Achieving net zero emissions by 2050

Lauren Pamma, Programme Director at the Green Finance Institute, probes how the UK transport sector will achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
Man in warm sweater with hot tea near radiator in winter. Energy crisis concept.

Energy efficiency: What’s powering the UK’s energy future?

Glynn Williams, UK Country Director at Grundfos, ponders Government schemes and energy efficiency at a time of skyrocketing energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis.
Environmentally friendly and renewable energy

The role of hydrogen in the UK’s transition to net zero

Dr Dustin Bauer, Associate, with Georgina Ainscow, Partner, discusses the role of hydrogen in the UK’s transition to net zero.
Shell Fleet Management

Shell Fleet Solutions

Shell Fleet Solutions help businesses to drive their fleets to net-zero emissions with the Accelerate to Zero programme.
Person throws kitchen food waste into compost heap to make organic fertilizer. Composting - eco-friendly recycling technology

UK citizens’ interests towards sustainable practices on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wake-up call about the environment and sustainability, and the UK is no exception.
Servicing business aviation at a hangar in backlight at sunset

UK government to fund £113 million in hydrogen zero-emission flights

The UK government are investing £113 million in hydrogen and all-electric flight technologies to revolutionise zero-emission flights that are “guilt-free”.
Signs indicating Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ on a street in London, UK

Innovative alternatives to tackle vehicle emissions in the UK

In the UK, transport is the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, and therefore, to climate change and global warming.
Electric cars charging station

Meeting Net Zero: a whole-town approach

Carl Clarke, head of EV business development at the infrastructure specialist, Enerveo, discusses the EV infrastructure required to accelerate change and why these agreed targets need to adopt a whole-town approach to meeting net-zero.
building and city diagram

Transforming the performance of your built assets and estate

Glider Technology Limited discusses built asset data and its importance for the construction industry.

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