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The NHS or National Health Service is the name used for the UK’s public health service. It was established in 1948 as one of the major social reforms decided after the Second World War. it was founded upon these main principles. That the services should be comprehensive, universal and free. UK residents are not charged for the treatment they receive. Citizens within the EU containing a European Heath Card can receive emergency treatment at no cost. Along with persons from countries with which the UK has reciprocal arrangements concerning health care.


The funding of the NHS comes 98.8 percent from general taxation and National Insurance contributions along with donations. The 2008/9 budget roughly equates to a contribution of £1,980 per person in the UK. When Launched the NHS budget was around £437 million however it received more than £100 billion in 2008/2009. 60 percent of the NHS budget is used to pay staff. With a further 20 percent paying for drugs and other supplies.


NHS to benefit from £20.5 billion funding boost over the next 5 years

The Prime Minister has announced that the NHS will receive increased funding of £20.5 billion per year by the end of five years
NHS procurement

NHS procurement process must change, says O’Donovan

Matt O’Donovan, CEO of WiFi SPARK, discusses his views on NHS procurement in this Open Access Government article 
Digital transformation strategy

NHS Trusts struggling to implement digital transformation strategies despite Government investment

Research from SolarWinds reveals two-fifths of NHS trusts either have no digital transformation strategy, or have just begun to work on one

Will Brexit really help or hinder the NHS?

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm, has looked at the latest commentary surrounding how the NHS will operate post-Brexit to try and draw up some conclusions about what lies ahead for the organisation
health data

Asthma sufferers willing to share data to improve care and research

A recent report from Asthma UK has shown that nine in ten people (88%), living with asthma in England are in favour of sharing their data to improve NHS services
NHS crisis

How can technology solve the NHS crisis?

Vivek Patni explains why technology has a key role to play as the NHS creaks under the weight of public demand
cancer diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence to improve cancer diagnosis

Ambitious new plans set out by the Prime Minister today will see around 22,000 fewer people dying from cancer each year by 2033
Diabetes UK

Diabetes: The fastest growing health crisis of our time

Head of Policy, Knowledge and Insight at Diabetes UK, Robin Hewings sheds light on the condition of diabetes in the UK today.

IBS Awareness month: National charity runs initiatives to help IBS sufferers

The IBS Network will run a series of activities throughout April to help those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to overcome the stigma surrounding the illness.
pay rise

Over 1 million NHS staff to benefit from 6.5% pay rise

The government have recently announced a £3.3 billion deal to offer more than 1 million NHS staff a 6.5% pay increase over the next three years. The offer is subject to staff agreeing to sacrifice one of their 27 days of annual leave.

A fragmented approach to child health is damaging the long-term health of the UK

A fragmented approach to child health is damaging the long-term health of the UK, warns President of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Professor Russell Viner.
aplastic anaemia

Raising awareness of aplastic anaemia

Grazina Berry from Aplastic Anaemia Trust, along with Professor Judith Marsh and Dr Shreyans Gandhi from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, explore the rare and serious condition of aplastic anaemia (AA)
clinical trials and medicines

New UK-wide agreement to speed up clinical trials and medicines R&D

Life Science leaders from across the UK have welcomed a new agreement that will make it easier for life-changing clinical trials and medicines research and development to take place across different parts of the UK
nhs data security

British adults concerned about NHS data security

The majority of British adults are concerned about NHS data security and sharing information with other public sector organisations due to ransomware attacks
liver biopsies

New technology could halve the number of liver biopsies needed in the NHS

Digital liver scanning technology could almost halve the number of biopsies carried out on people with fatty liver disease, according to a study

New “brain training” research may help people with schizophrenia

Video game based “brain training” could potentially aid people with schizophrenia, a new study has revealed

UK “most giving” nation for organ donation

The UK has been deemed the most giving nation for organ donation but more could still be done according to a study led by Nuyoo In the recent study led by Nuyoo, it was revealed that the UK had increased the number of organ donors to 1,413, a 4% rise...
smarter homes

Smarter homes for the elderly could save NHS and social care systems billions

Creating more modified homes could save the NHS and social care system over £2.5 billion a year according to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers The report, Healthy Homes: Accommodating an Ageing Population, calls for Government to introduce financial incentives for construction companies to build for older...
cardiovascular disease

Local authorities to combat cardiovascular disease with free NHS checks

Chief Executive Duncan Selbie has called on local authorities to ensure that all local residents eligible for a free NHS Health Check get an invite – to help tackle the one in four premature deaths in the country caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD). The NHS Health Check is free for...

The broad and diverse medical technology sector

Jonathan Evans, communications manager at the Association of British Healthcare Industries explores the broad and diverse MedTech sector as it stands today The Medical Technology (MedTech) sector is broad and diverse. There are thousands of products on the market, from wound care dressings, needles and syringes, pacemakers, knees and hips,...

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