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virtual patient

Reconstructive dentistry & virtual patients

In this interview, Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Dr Dr h.c., PhD from the University of Zürich, considers the possibilities concerning reconstructive dentistry and in this vein, digital technologies.
oral health education

Time to brush up on oral health education

Tess Player, VP, Global Head of Expert and Influence Marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare, discusses how low public understanding of oral health is symptomatic of the need for better everyday health education.
optimal dental care

Oral health & optimal dental care in Europe

Dr Reddy, Dentist at Harley Street Specialist Hospital, explains why it’s important to promote oral health and provide optimal dental care in Europe today.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry focus

In this interview, Mutlu Özcan, Prof Dr Dr hc, PhD from University of Zürich, lavishes us with details about Reconstructive Dentistry.
good oral health

The importance of good oral health

Dr Hanna Kinsella, Owner and Principal Dentist of Kiln Lane Dental, argues that good oral health is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry: New biomaterials & technologies

Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Dr Dr h.c., PhD from the University of Zürich, highlights Reconstructive Dentistry through new biomaterials and technologies, including the associated changes and challenges.
dental industry

Italian approach to COVID-19: Dental industry perspective

Dr Ferruccio Berto, National Vice President and NLO for Foreign Affairs of the National Association of Italian Dentists, provides a dental industry perspective on the Italian approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.
restorative dentistry

Oral health and restorative dentistry

Karlo Jacutan, on behalf of Dental Arch, comments on the importance of promoting oral health among populations during the COVID-19 pandemic and restorative dentistry.

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