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emergency care wait times, risks of death

Higher risk of death at emergency centres with 5+ hour wait times

Research finds that waiting over 5 hours in emergency care before admission to hospital is linked to a heightened risk of death from any cause.
ultrasounds psychiatric conditions, transcranial ultrasound stimulation

Could we treat psychiatric disorders with ultrasounds?

Research has found that low-intensity transcranial ultrasound stimulation can modulate brain activity and behaviours, supporting the observations of psychiatric conditions.
mental health heart disease, mental health drugs

Increased use of mental health drugs in patients with heart disease

According to a new study, nearly one in five patients with heart disease use mental health drugs, leading to almost a doubled risk of premature deaths with the condition.
dark genome, mental disorders

‘Dark genome’ research suggests better treatment for mental disorders

Researching DNA outside of our genes, analysing the ‘dark genome’, scientists have found evolved proteins which can distinguish between schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, improving diagnosis and treatment.
blood test cancer

New blood test identifies metastatic status of cancer

A new minimally invasive and inexpensive blood test can detect a range of cancers in patients with non-specific symptoms, and can indicate whether the cancer has spread.
planned care

Eyes on Planned Care

In a previous article, Lisa Riley, Vice President of Strategic Product and Partnership Development for VitalHub UK, cited how digital healthcare is helping to transform the NHS through whole system integration in planned care, here Stuart Jeffery talks from a customer perspective.
transfers of care

Tackling the challenge of delayed transfers of care

Clint Schick, Chief Executive, Strata Health UK, describes a software system that has made the manual process...digital – freeing up staff time & improving patient care.

Transforming pathology using digital platforms and AI

Rapidly scaling health-tech player in the emerging Pathology Computer Aided Diagnostics sector Deciphex uses digital pathology and AI to accelerate pathology diagnosis by improving productivity and patient outcome.
acute care workplaces

Delivering care-centred workplaces for acute care

Specialists in acute care Draeger Medical UK Ltd prioritise patient wellbeing and efficiency in holistic approach to a well-designed healthcare workplace
cognitive disorders, digital transformation

Driving digital transformation across the UK healthcare sector

Brian Murphy, CSO of UK digital health firm Cumulus Neuroscience, explores how AI tools could transform drug development in the difficult area of cognitive disorders.
younger onset dementia

Supporting people with younger onset dementia

Ms Bel Wong, Dr Kenny Chui and Prof Timothy Kwok from the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, walk us through a programme that supports people with younger onset dementia (YOD).
NHS staff shortages, NHS backlog

Reducing the NHS patient backlog – A long term plan

Andrew Metcalfe, Director of Intelligent Infection Control Services Limited, LumiBio, discusses the benefits of utilising existing technologies to mitigate the ongoing staff shortages in the NHS.
HIV medication women

How can preferred HIV medication disproportionately impact women?

A new study on HIV medication treatment discovered persistent disparities between sex and age, potentially subjecting women to worse HIV treatment outcomes on the drug dolutegravir.
covid-19 algorithm

The algorithm predicting COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care

An algorithm can predict the severity of COVID patients' illnesses depending on how many of them will be highly likely or unlikely to need intensive care or ventilation.

Innovative smart hydracup to revolutionise hydration within care

Gail Howard, Care Home Manager of Lakeside Nursing and Residential Home, discusses her view on the management of dehydration in care homes.
mitochondrial disorders, rare genetic disorders

Whole genome sequencing increases rare disorder diagnosis by 31%

Whole Genome Sequencing from a single blood test has been found to pick up over a third more cases of rare genetic disorders than standard tests do.
prostate cancer urine test

Better prognosis identification with prostate cancer urine tests

Researchers at University of East Anglia have discovered that a prostate cancer urine test could improve the identification of men at ‘immediate risk’ of aggressive cancer, offering improved treatment methods.
breast cancer patients, home test

Finalising a home test kit for breast cancer patients

A home test kit enabling patients with Breast cancer to test their blood nears its final development stages, with support from the NHS and inventors Entia and Pfizer.
Dandy-Walker Syndrome

What is Dandy-Walker Syndrome? – Everything you need to know

Dandy-Walker Syndrome. What is it? What are the symptoms? What are the causes? What is the prognosis? Is it treatable?

Mirtazapine not effective in treating dementia patients

Mirtazapine, an antidepressant drug given to dementia patients, has been found to be no more effective than a placebo and increases mortality.

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