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integrated care

A year with COVID-19: What has healthcare learnt?

Chris Norton, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, InterSystems, discusses the NHS’ current challenges, integrated care efforts, and the ways data and technology can be harnessed to inform care today, and in a post-COVID world.

HealthTrackerTM for patients, clinician & researchers

Professor Paramala Santosh, CEO of HealthTracker Ltd, co-developed the HealthTrackerTM platform – developed by clinicians, assisted by patients for patients, clinicians & researchers, more of which we learn about here.
improving global health

Zebra Technologies: Dedicated to improving global health

We spoke with Tony Cecchin, Vice President and General Manager of Global Supplies at Zebra Technologies and President of Temptime Corporation, and Chris Caulfield, Vice President of Temptime Operations about their work supporting front-line workers and easing the shipment of medical products through the supply chain.
insulin to immunotherapy

From insulin to immunotherapy: A century of discovery

Dr Faye Riley, Senior Research Communications Officer at Diabetes UK, highlights how immunotherapy is raising hopes for the next big breakthrough in type 1 diabetes.
FLASH Radiotherapy

FLASH Radiotherapy: An (r)evolution in cancer treatment

Here, Kristoffer Petersson, MRC Investigator and Group Leader of FLASH Radiation, enlightens us to the benefits of this promising new radiotherapy technique.
psychiatric disorders

The changing perspective of psychedelic drugs with a history of abuse

Jason W. Loxterkamp and Pamela J. Lein from University of California, Davis, explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs in patients with psychiatric disorders.
mild cognitive impairment

Identifying dementia & mild cognitive impairment

Dr Timothy Kwok, Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, shares the development of the Electronic Cognitive Screen (EC-Screen) for population screening of dementia in older people.
personality disorders

Understanding personality disorders

Dr Deborah J Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us everything we need to know about personality disorders, including how they are diagnosed and treated.
neuro rehabilitation

The journey to building a patient neuro rehabilitation platform

L2S2 Marketing Manager Max McKiernan details the journey that led Neuro ProActive Founder, Ian Pearce, to start the development of a digital neuro rehabilitation platform.
digital therapies

Digital Therapies: How have digital mental health treatments evolved?

Rosie Copland-Mann, Creative Strategist at Rehab, discusses how digital therapies for mental health treatment has evolved, with a special focus on COVID-19.
cancer treatment in the uk

Cancer treatment: Radiotherapy

Cancer Centre London’s Keisha Robinson spoke to Open Access Government about cancer treatment in the UK today, in particular, radiotherapy.
epilepsy research, university of nebraska

Epilepsy research: Improving infrastructure & management

Arun Swaminathan MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, considers the importance of improving infrastructure and management of epilepsy research.
elective care

How technology can transform the elective care challenge

Karina Malhotra, founder and MD, Acumentice, explores how technology is being used to solve the elective care conundrum and to what extent emerging tech can make a credible difference on the front line.
diabetes referrals

Is the UK heading for a “perfect storm” of diabetes referrals?

Here, a leading clinical negligence specialist warns the UK may be heading for a “perfect storm” of diabetes complications, due to delayed COVID-19 referrals.
technology-enabled care services

How TECS have supported the NHS pre, during and post-COVID

Zillah Moore, Director at Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the role of technology-enabled care services and remote patient monitoring in reducing delayed discharge from hospitals and providing much-needed assistance to the NHS.

Tocilizumab reduces deaths in hospitalised COVID-19 patients

A new trial has found that tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory treatment, reduces the risk of death in patients hospitalised with COVID-19.
unpredictable stress, neuron

The experience of unpredictable stress could trigger depression

Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia have found a potential connection between the experience of unpredictable stress and the function of neurons that can trigger depression.
control over NHS, white paper

New white paper will give Government more control over NHS

The legislative changes in the white paper released today (11 February) include giving local and central Government more control over the NHS - which is expected to be implemented in 2022.
cancer treatment

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer treatment

Experts from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the University of Molise chart the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer treatment.
convalescent plasma, mutation

Scientists saw COVID mutating in patient after convalescent plasma

UK based scientists witnessed how COVID-19 can mutate in a highly vulnerable patient, even when that person is undergoing convalescent plasma treatment.

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