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How to avoid and recover from cyber and ransomware attacks

Best practices for public sector organisations to avoid and quickly recover from cyber and ransomware attacks.
Manchester City Council - Town Hall on Cloudy Rainy day

UK councils: keeping local authorities and their residents safe and secure

UK councils must keep their systems and network infrastructures safe from harm at a time when cyberattacks are on the rise.
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Adequate data disposal: wiping the slate clean

Alvarez & Marsal’s recent forensic analysis of used computers has uncovered the dangers of inadequate data disposal for individuals and businesses everywhere, opening up the potential for data breaches and financial fraud. But to what extent does this also pose a threat to the public sector?
Abstract concept of online identity

Identity sprawl is rapidly growing, how do we address it?

Identity sprawl is rapidly growing, yet 67% of organisations don’t know how to address it, says Field Chief Technology Officer Wade Ellery.
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How to shore up data protection beyond cyber security policies and standards

Jon Fielding, Managing Director EMEA Apricorn, discusses the need to focus on information and data protection whilst tackling the critical 'human factor' in breach prevention, backup and recovery strategies.
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Why we need data ethics by design

Haroon Ahmed discusses why public sector teams should be thinking about ethical data practices at every stage of the service design journey.
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Top considerations for a successful healthcare data strategy  

A healthcare data strategy is crucial to ensuring that we can tackle all the biggest health issues we face, and to ensure guided decision-making to save lives.
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Digital identity laws for better trust in big tech

As big tech gains influence, we need a central anchor of trust for our identities, which can be found in new digital identity laws Identity is experiencing a phenomenal shift across the UK and Europe. In the UK, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) recently created a new...
Person working on data protection and cyber security on computer in office

Cybersecurity strategies: fighting alert fatigue and building resilience

As security risks increase in complexity and data expands exponentially, cybersecurity strategies need to simplify – and streamline.

Physical destruction of SSDs: a burden to the UK economy

The UK economy is in recovery: can we be confident that the government is being prudent with the finances at their disposal? What about the physical destruction of SSDs?
disaster victim identification, human rights

Disaster victim identification, training & human rights of the dead

Prof Emilio Nuzzolese from University of Turin sheds light on disaster victim identification, training and the human rights of the dead.
migrant health, Electronic registration systems

Electronic registration systems can identify migrant health needs

An electronic data registration system can identify migrant health needs across Europe, helping to address the wellbeing of vulnerable populations.
digital transformation strategy, stakeholders

Digital transformation strategy: Configuration and collaboration

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of collaboration and configuration when creating a digital transformation strategy.
EU digital identities

A new world of data privacy with EU digital identities

Lars Rensing, CEO of enterprise blockchain solution provider Protokol, believes that the launch of EU digital identities will allow the EU to make freedom of movement ‘even freer’, and allay concerns around data security by giving EU citizens control over their own data.
danish initiative, personalised medicine

Denmark: Moving towards personalised medicine

Magnus Heunicke, Minister for Health at the Danish Ministry of Health, argues that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Denmark moving towards personalised medicine.
secure a sustainable future

E-waste to secure a sustainable future

Fredrik Forslund, VP Enterprise and Cloud, Blancco, argues that e-waste mustn’t be overlooked in our efforts to secure a sustainable future.
pandora papers

Government reform needed after latest ‘Pandora’s box’ opening

Dan Secretan, co-founder of Xapien, discusses the need for UK Government reform in light of the recent Pandora Papers data leak.
Cyber training

Cyber training ‘not fit for purpose’ – We need to change our online behaviour

Mark Brown, Founder of Psybersafe, explores how behavioural science can improve our response to cyber security issues.
cyber attacks in 2021

Education sector suffers series of cyber attacks in 2021

David Cummins, VP of EMEA, Tenable, examines how universities are being targeted by a series of cyber attacks in 2021 and what they can do to protect themselves.
influence government

“Influence government” – targeted ads and the risk to the public

Andy Woods, Design Director, Rouge Media, explores what “influence government” really means, how technology is changing and whether its rising use is a risk to the public.

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