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cybersecurity threat

Public and private sector cooperation is vital in controlling cybersecurity threats

The recent cybersecurity threats on the U.K.’s national health service (NHS) demonstrate the necessity for better national protection against cyberattacks.
Person sitting at desk over spreadsheets working out sums on calculator

Private equity firms re-focus on optimising portfolios

Julie Neal, director at management consultancy Vendigital, discusses why private equity firms must re-focus on optimising portfolios.

Getting it right on privacy statements

The top five things organisations get wrong with their privacy statements.
Royal Mail trucks lined up covered in snow

In the Bleak Midwinter: Royal Mail strike will see 19 days of industrial action

The Royal Mail strike will see 19 days of industrial action in the run-up to Christmas, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Denmark on blue digital planet Earth with international network representing communication, travel and connections. 3D

Denmark’s long-term vision for digital development

Agency for Digital Government, chart Denmark’s long-term vision for digital development spanning the public and private sectors.
Person holding phone with Facebook app on screen in front of a red background reading 'Cambridge Analytica'

Why we need data ethics by design

Haroon Ahmed discusses why public sector teams should be thinking about ethical data practices at every stage of the service design journey.
Group Of Business People Listening To Colleague Addressing Office Meeting

Governance in the not-for-profit sector

Erika Eliasson-Norris, Founder and CEO of Beyond Governance, discusses with her team governance in the not-for-profit sector.
Business people talking in an office room over a laptop with data

What can government services and sectors learn from each other?

Government services, including the private and public sectors, can adapt to digitalisation together when embracing data sharing and encouraging innovation.
sustainable city design

COP27: Urban transformation and sustainable cities

Experts from the urban and the climate communities discussed action plans to reach more sustainable cities in an initiative workshop for COP27.
privatisation of healthcare, outsourcing

Privatisation of healthcare leads to worse quality of care

Health outsourcing has been found to be linked to higher mortality rates, as privatisation of healthcare worsens healthcare services.
private innovation

From basic research to private innovation

What’s the return on basic research spending? What can policymakers do to make basic research more valuable, beyond simply spending more taxpayer money? And what role will private innovation have?.
network infrastructure

6 steps for a successful transformation of your network infrastructure

The public and private sectors are now facing a common issue: how do you maintain legacy technology while embracing new opportunities? Simona Mazza, Head of Digital Advisory, UBDS discusses six steps to transforming your network infrastructure.
effective governance

Training & consultancy in effective governance, risk & compliance

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors.
who foundation, alcohol industry

Does the alcohol industry donate to the WHO foundation?

The WHO foundation should not accept donations from the alcohol industry, according to reviewers of the loopholes in the Gift Acceptance Policy.
private sector public sector, digital transformation

Digital transformation: Lessons from the private sector for the public sector

Antonio Weiss, Senior Partner at The PSC, discusses lessons and limitations from the private sector for the public sector when it comes to digital transformation.
Legacy software

Moving to Cloud solutions without changing the whole World

Chris, CEO of Engeneum Limited, describes big benefits and savings that can be achieved by adding Cloud functionality to legacy systems!
repurposing property, sustainable

Repurposing property that is surplus to requirement

Stuart Woolgar, CEO, Global Guardians Management Ltd, explores how repurposing empty buildings, such as office space, will help the property world to become more sustainable.
health programmes

NHS should take inspiration from the business world to improve health services

Peter Wilson, Public Sector Industry Architect at Pegasystems, discusses how the NHS can take inspiration from how private sector organisations are benefiting from digital transformation.
UK Government contracts, uk cop26

UK creates new green rules for government contracts

According to the changes, beginning 30 September, companies bidding for government contracts worth over £5 million must commit to Net Zero emissions by 2050.
social value portal, procurement

Social value: More red tape or a step forward?

Guy Battle from Social Value Portal considers the recent updates around procurement and social value: but is this more red tape or a step forward?

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