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cardiovascular disease

Local authorities to combat cardiovascular disease with free NHS checks

Chief Executive Duncan Selbie has called on local authorities to ensure that all local residents eligible for a free NHS Health Check get an invite – to help tackle the one in four premature deaths in the country caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD). The NHS Health Check is free for...

New figures show larger proportion of strokes in the middle-aged

Statistics released by Public Health England have found that over a third of first-time strokes happen in middle-aged adults In England, one in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime, and new statistics released by Public Health England (PHE) show that 57,000 people had their first-time stroke in 2016. It...

PHE launches Change4Life campaign around children’s sugar intake

In the UK, theNew Change4Life campaign encourages parents to 'look for 100-calorie snacks, two a day max' to cut children’s sugar intake Public Health England (PHE) is helping parents take control of their children’s snacking by launching the first Change4Life campaign promoting healthier snacks. This is because of half of the children’s...
UK's obesity epidemic

Tackling the UK’s obesity epidemic

Professor Russell Viner from the Royal College of Paediatrics shares his thoughts on the UK Government’s strategy to tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic

Middle-aged people urged to be more active to stay healthy

Health officials are urging middle-aged people to be more active and incorporate at least 10- minutes of brisk exercise into their day to stay healthy

New plans to reduce childhood obesity in the UK unveiled

An investment of £5 million has been announced by the Department of Health for a new childhood obesity policy research unit The new unit at University College London will look at the causes of childhood obesity and support the delivery of the childhood obesity plan. The National Institute for Health Research...

Hepatitis B vaccine rationed in UK due to global shortage

A temporary limit on who can have a hepatitis B vaccination has been implemented by health officials in the UK

Ambitious plan to reduce smoking rates in England published

The government has announced their plans to cut smoking rates in England among adults from 15.5% to no more than 12% by 2022
Be Food Smart app with healthy breakfast

Be Food Smart app to help with healthier choices for kids

The Be Food Smart app, Public Health England’s latest Change4Life campaign, aims to help parents make healthier food and drink choices for their children Following a survey that showed kids consume half the daily recommended sugar intake before school, Public Health England has launched the Be Food Smart app as...
Tackling antibiotic resistance

Tackling antibiotic resistance

Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee sheds light on why the next government must make tackling antibiotic resistance a public health priority Medicine could be ‘cast back into the dark ages’ by growing antibiotic resistance, David Cameron grimly warned last year. To see off the ‘superbugs’...

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