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Teacher discussing with school kids about green energy in classroom

How can we effectively deliver sustainability in schools?

Students' concerns surrounding the climate emergency are growing, and delivering sustainability in schools has become critical.
High School Tutor At Desk Teaching Student

Why we must start teaching children about financial literacy in schools

Schools need to teach real-world, better financial literacy to students, to prepare them for better spending and borrowing in a worsening cost-of-living crisis.
Voices of the Windrush Generation and Black British History,

‘Representation really matters’: Why Black history should be taught in British schools

Black history in schools continues to be increasingly vital, as decolonising education and improving representation gives students a broader, more honest curriculum delving into systemic inequality.
A female teacher sits consoling a young student in the corridor

Why we need to treat mental health like physical health in schools

Ben Levinson, OBE, headteacher at Kensington Primary School, shares his thoughts on why mental health should have a positive focus the way physical health does, not a negative one.
Two Children Playing Number Puzzle Game Together In Playroom, sitting in front of tent/tipi

Freckle Maths: Maintaining momentum in maths

Catherine Magee, teacher of the Year 2021, discusses online learning platform Freckle Maths, maintaining momentum in maths and top tips for bringing joy to the classroom.
Teenage students In uniform sitting examination in school hall

Student wellbeing at secondary school: 79% of 14 year olds extremely dissatisfied

Student wellbeing drops sharply after starting secondary school with most adolescents satisfied at 11 and most extremely dissatisfied by 14.
Brenda Agard, Black British photographer on a photo shoot in London, 1987. Agard was instructing students on street photography. The workshop was part of the educational programming for the exhibit "Testimony: Three Blackwomen Photographers: Brenda Agard, Ingrid Pollard, Maud Sulter" at Camerawork London.

Representation and Identity: the importance of Black British history

Black British history is a key part of the thriving cultural hub that is the UK today, yet this vital part of our country’s story is little known.
female student taking a digital online exam at school

International Baccalaureate programme moves to digital exams

Digital exams are now overtaking traditional paper exams in the International Baccalaureate, with the potential to move to virtual reality assessments also.
Children sat on floor with climate change posters

How to tackle climate change anxiety in children

Climate change anxiety in children is at an all-time high - what can teachers and schools do to combat this epidemic?

After school closures, our focus needs to be on design

Following school closures due to COVID-19, schools need to reopen with safer designs in mind to protect students and help them attain an education.
Teacher reading book to class of preschoolers

Children’s vocabulary affects how they perform at school

Children's vocabulary, attention skills and inhibitory control impact how they perform at school and influence future chances of success.
cyber incidents, local schools

How to prevent future cyber incidents in local schools

Despite local schools going online following the pandemic, the cybersecurity threat prevails - here's how to prevent future cyber incidents.
catch-up programmes in education, literacy gap

Closing the literacy gap via catch-up programmes in education

Andrea Welter, assistant head teacher from Pheasey Park Primary School, explains why successful catch-up programmes in education need to focus on closing the literacy gap.
private school education, mental health

Private school education does not lead to better mental health

A national survey finds that state school pupils are just as happy with their lives as counterparts who received private school education.
literacy skills

Study: Boosting childhood literacy skills through Naptime

According to new research, early literacy skills in children aged between four and five can be boosted by daytime naps
smarter working

Smarter working and the public estate: Progress and pitfalls

Tom Shrive, CEO of askporter offers insight into why smarter working in the security of the public estate is important in 2022 and beyond.
academic breaks, disadvantaged backgrounds

People who take academic breaks less likely to continue studying

People who take academic breaks after high school are less likely to enrol in higher education – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
childrens literacy skills, primary schools

Closing the learning gaps in children’s literacy skills

Katy Pinchess, headteacher, talks about how Bentley CE Primary School is identifying and supporting children’s literacy skills to boost confidence as well as reading progress.
pupil special needs, education special needs

Helping pupils with special needs access phonics

A flexible approach is key to ensure the teaching of phonics can be personalised for children with special educational needs, says Katrina Cochrane, at Lexplore Analytics.
multilingualism students, language learning

Link between multilingualism and better GSCE grades

Students who are multilingual – regardless of whether they are fluent or beginners in another language – scored higher in GSCE results.

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