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corneal disease

Early detection of corneal disease with THz and millimetre wave frequency

THz and millimetre wave frequency techniques, combined with thin film measurement methods, provide early detection of corneal edema associated with disease in the view of Zachary Taylor, Assistant Professor at Aalto University.

How is blockchain disrupting health and wellness?

Distributed and open technologies are bringing new business models, personalisation, prediction, motivation, collaboration and trust in healthcare, in the view of Sari Stenfors from the ReCon Blockchain Research Project, at Aalto University in Finland

Blockchains, trust and power: Governance models of the future

Sari Stenfors, PhD from the ReCon Blockchain Research Project at Aalto University looks at how distributed and open technologies transform our interactions In a forward-looking research project at Aalto University’s Business School in Helsinki, together with partner companies and public organisations such as the Finance Ministry of Finland, we are...

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