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inequalities in physical activity, health inequality

Tackling inequalities in physical activity

Elisabeth Morgans, Senior project manager at C3 Collaborating for Health, discusses solutions to tackle physical inactivity and overcome the ever pervasive and entrenched issue of health inequality.
alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption: The public health issue

Alcohol consumption is a public health issue - it is one of the leading risk factors to health globally, says Elisabeth Morgans from C3
malnutrition, pregnancy

The burden of malnutrition

Christine Hancock, Co-founder of C3 Collaborating for Health, and C3 Associate and nutritionist Nathalie Vauterin, explore how poverty, dietary behaviours, and food systems impact malnutrition.
disparities in smoking

How are disparities in smoking highlighting the global issue of health inequality?

C3 Collaborating for Health is working to make it easier for everyone to make healthier choices, and here, we learn why this is particularly important for smokers.
addressing health inequality

A long-term collaborative approach to addressing health inequality

Christine Hancock, Founder and Director at C3 Collaborating for Health, discusses the ongoing issue of health inequality that COVID-19 has exposed, and how to ensure healthy lives for all.

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