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master system integrator, msi

The role of the Master System Integrator (MSI)

Paul Wells, CEO, Nico Consultancy, discusses the importance of the Master System Integrator (MSI) and tells us exactly what the role entails.
working environment

Why is it important to have a great working environment?

Paul Wells from IM&M tells us why it is so important to have a great working environment.
wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace: Why it needs to involve everyone

Paul Wells, CEO of intelligent building solutions provider, IM&M, explores the importance of addressing wellness in the workplace.
building energy efficiency

Building energy efficiency as part of your carbon commitment

Paul Wells, CEO of IM&M, discusses how changing your energy consumption as part of your Intelligent Building Strategy can have a huge impact on both cost and energy usage.

How IM&M suite can help you with the return to work

IM&M showcase their set of suite tools that are available for Landlords/Facilities Manager's and Occupiers to control how their buildings are being used.
working environment

What will work look like after the pandemic?

IM&M discuss what work will look like after the coronavirus pandemic and what changes need to be made to our working environment.
smart buildings

What are intelligent or smart buildings?

Paul Wells from IM&M explains that there are a complex array of products and solutions today when it comes to intelligent or smart buildings.

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