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Is a hybrid approach the answer to supply chain issues for mental health services?

Dr Chuk Anyaegbuna, clinical service lead at Koa Health, and clinical psychologist, Dr Tania Johnston discuss how technology can support the current delivery system and improve access to mental health services.
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Is large-scale systemic change viable in mental healthcare?

Dr Sophie Dix and Nicola Hemmings discuss the potential for large-scale change in mental healthcare & why its needed.
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Scalable and accessible mental health for all

Nicola Hemmings, workplace scientist at Koa Health, and Dr Claire Vowell, lead psychologist, discuss how mental health conditions exist across a continuum and address what organisations can do to better support those who do not have a mental health diagnosis.
Preventing burnout

Preventing burnout: Supporting mental health in the workplace

Nicola Hemmings, Workplace Scientist at Koa Health, and Dr Claire Vowell, Counselling Psychologist, discuss the growing problem of burnout
Koa Health

Koa Health: Closing gaps in mental health care

Koa Health’s highly ranked, mobile-first mental health solutions help public and private sector employers and insurance companies extend their reach.

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