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Effective information governance: building a framework

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Managing Director at WuDo Solutions, explains the framework needed to generate effective Information Governance for organisations.
Risk Management and Information Governance

Core governance activities: Risk management and information governance

Risk management and information governance are two core governance activities. Without both disciplines in place, few organisations can expect to achieve sustainable success. While they are essential separately, they complement each other.

The top five things organisations get wrong in their privacy statement

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Director of WuDo Solutions, delves into the top mistakes businesses make, and what a good privacy statement looks like.
WuDo Solutions

WuDo Solutions – World class governance expertise

WuDo Solutions provides world-class training and consultancy services in areas such as risk management, information governance, and conflicts of interests.
effective governance

Training & consultancy in effective governance, risk & compliance

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors.

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