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Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors

WuDo Solutions deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors. Ranging from conflicts of interests to risk management to GDPR compliance, our team of experts use their skills and experience to deliver transformative change for individuals and organisations.

Our Mission and Values for effective governance

We are here to enable people, teams, and organisations to become better and achieve more through the development of core skills and systems that drive success and sustainability.

At its core, our experience is that those with effective governance and compliance systems are more likely to:

  • Be agile in the face of changing conditions.
  • Plan ahead more effectively.
  • Work together more collaboratively.
  • Avoid pitfalls.
  • Build trust among stakeholders.
  • Overcome challenges.

Since 2015, we have served dozens of clients and hundreds of training participants to build knowledge, skills, and resilience. Our focus is on delivering practical expertise and building resilient systems by combining our years of experience with industry best practice. Our team has been at the front line of delivering and embedding improvement in a range of industries including:

  • NHS commissioners and providers.
  • Social care.
  • Research and innovation.
  • Manufacturing and infrastructure.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Education and Teaching.
  • Transport and logistics.

Services such as risk management and information governance.

We bring value through three key offers:

  • Working directly with clients through.
  • .Short to medium term project and programme delivery
  • Building longer-term relationships by delivering functions on behalf of clients, such as being their Data Protection Office.
  • Delivering training to people at all levels to give them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our core expertise is in:

  • Risk management.
  • Information governance and GDP.
  • Freedom of information.
  • Tacking conflicts of interests, fraud and bribery.

Our aim, whatever you ask us to do and whatever the focus, is to:

  • Motivate people to work more confidently and effectively.
  • Give them a sense of optimism and positivity about achieving their goals.
  • Make governance, risk, and compliance come to life and be seen as enablers, not barriers.
  • Reduce costs, effort and time.
  • Provide access and information that.
  • Helps the transition from the class- room to the real world.

Case Study

We have been acting as Data Protection Officer for London Luton Airport since 2019. Over the last three years we have supported colleagues there deal with subject access requests for passengers, balance the need to maintain safety and security with their obligations under the GDPR, and ensure that data sharing with third parties is supported to achieve business goals, but also well managed and in line with the Data Protection Act. We have done this against the back- ground of Covid-19 and the huge disruption it caused to the travel industry, and the different ways people needed to work during lock- down and beyond.

Our commitment to the UN Development Goals

The team is committed to delivering the highest possible standards of delivery, with a tireless focus on your needs and outcomes. We will build a close working relationship with you to ensure things are as smooth and simple for you as possible, from start to finish. We will go the extra mile in our dedication to being the very best.

As well as this, we are proud to have signed up to support the United Nation’s Development Goals, and we give a portion of our income to deliver projects in the UK and abroad.

The WuDo Community

Because building relationships and sharing the benefit of our experience are our core values, there are many ways in which you can engage with us and be part of our community.

Our website is full of information, guidance and free resources for you to use and adapt, which are constantly being updated and improved. We also run a series of free, focused events on a range of topics to help explore and tackle significant issues.

Finally, we have a fantastic newsletter full of advice, interesting articles and exclusive offers such as discounts on courses and priority access to events.

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To discuss your needs and how we can help, feel free to contact us at any time by:


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