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sunset over bristol

Building a holistic view of adult social care at Bristol City Council

Mark Carlile, Head of Public Sector at itelligent-i, looks at adult social care and the role of digital transformation in Bristol City Council.
child and family counselling

Child and family counselling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kayoko ITO, a professor at Osaka Prefecture University, looks at child abuse among families during COVID-19 and the measures taken to combat it through child and family counselling.
post pandemic health, economic recovery

Social care at the heart of post-pandemic health & economic recovery

Mitesh Dhanak, Chair of the Organising Committee of Championing Social Care and Founder of Precious Homes, states the case for putting social care at the heart of post-pandemic health and economic recovery.
effective governance

Training & consultancy in effective governance, risk & compliance

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors.
girls in care, criminalisation

‘Immense harm’ created by the criminalisation of girls in care

Girls in care frequently experience discrimination with the law, as they are overpoliced and overlooked by the system.
young people's mental health, covid-19

No time to lose: Protecting young people’s mental health

Here, Mental Health Europe call for a crucial overhaul in European support for young people’s mental health through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
early childhood education, nor child

NORCHILD: Unique early childhood education & care

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director & Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, lifts the lid on NORCHILD, a unique research school for early childhood education & care.
universities as corporate parents

The role of universities as Corporate Parents in Scotland

Clarifying what kind of support is provided by universities in Scotland, as ‘Corporate Parents’, to children and young people who have experienced social care in the UK in comparison with Japan.
Department of Family and Community Health

Department of Family and Community Health

The Family and Community Health (FCH) unit helps Texans better their lives through science-based educational programs.
dehydration in the elderly

Eradicating dehydration in the elderly with Aquarate

Aquarate’s revolutionary fluid intake monitoring technology is helping to eradicate the problem of dehydration in the elderly community
mental health treatment, geography mental health

How is mental health treatment burdened by geography?

People living in urban areas have better access to mental health care, as well as lower costs, than those living in rural areas – generating a crisis of geographical location.

Reducing malnutrition in care homes using AI

Possible new tech could help reduce malnutrition, improving overall health in long-term care homes using Artificial Intelligence
ethnic minority children, youth justice involvement

How is the care system unfair for ethnic minority children?

Ethnic minority children experience disadvantages with youth justice involvement – especially when it comes to Black children.
isolation and loneliness

Smoking can cause social isolation and loneliness

A study suggests that smokers are more likely to become socially isolated and lonely as they age, compared to non-smokers.
technology foster care

Technology platforms empowering safe foster care

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how technology platforms empower safe foster care
risk of dehydration

Hydration: An essential part of healthy ageing

Senior Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, at the National Council on Aging, illustrates the ways that hydration is key to staying healthy as we age

Innovative smart hydracup to revolutionise hydration within care

Gail Howard, Care Home Manager of Lakeside Nursing and Residential Home, discusses her view on the management of dehydration in care homes.
October 2021 Asia Analysis

October 2021 Asia Analysis

In this Asia Analysis edition, we hear from UEYAMA Takahiro, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, who details Japan’s 6th Science, Technology and Innovation Basic Plan: Society 5.0 in Pursuit of Peoples’ Well-being Based on Trust and Sharing.
dementia cases

What do rising dementia cases after the pandemic mean for local government?

John Ramsay, Founder and Managing Director of Social-Ability, discusses what rising dementia cases mean for local authorities and social care spending.
Back to Health

Back to Health campaign to help one million recover from COVID-19

Helpforce launches new Back to Health campaign to support the health and care sector as it recovers from COVID-19 and battles through winter pressures.

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