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smarter homes

Smarter homes for the elderly could save NHS and social care systems billions

Creating more modified homes could save the NHS and social care system over £2.5 billion a year according to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers The report, Healthy Homes: Accommodating an Ageing Population, calls for Government to introduce financial incentives for construction companies to build for older...
children and families

Essex County Council – creating a golden thread of support for children and families

Emma Toublic, head of education information and business systems at Essex County Council explains how the secure sharing of key information can make a difference to the support received by children and families When key information can be shared securely and efficiently between teams working with children and families, it...
workplace mental health

Good management is essential for positive mental health in the workplace

Mental Health Europe’s Director Maria Nyman shares insights on how to promote a positive work environment to improve workplace mental health The benefits of promoting positive workplace mental health, as well as the existing psychosocial risks linked to work and employment, are widely acknowledged. Most of us will also know...
Speech, language and communication

Speech, language and communication skills

Director of Education at I CAN, Deirdre Fitzpatrick turns the spotlight on speech, language and communication skills (SLCN) As I CAN’s Director of Education I’m proud to be able to say our schools, Dawn House School in Nottinghamshire and Meath School in Surrey, provide an environment where all children and...
care experienced young people

£1.4 million investment in Who Cares? Scotland

Care experienced young people in Scotland will be supported thanks to £1.4 million funding for Who Cares? Scotland from the Life Changes Trust The money will be used over five years to give care experienced young people a voice so that improvements to the care system are informed by their...

Three million EU nurses leading digitalisation

Dr. Paul De Raeve, Secretary General of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) explains why the deployment of eHealth services in nursing and social care are key drivers for modern societies today The deployment of eHealth services in nursing and social care are key drivers for modern societies. However,...
modern, accessible and equitable health care system

A modern, accessible and equitable health care system

Open Access Government sheds light on the priorities of Sweden’s Minister for Social Security, Annika Strandhäll to promote a modern, accessible and equitable health care system Sweden’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for all issues that fall under the concern of the welfare of society. This predominantly...
dementia friendly

Table Tennis Scotland batting for dementia

Table Tennis Scotland awarded £45,000 to become dementia friendly Table Tennis Scotland is receiving £35,000 from the Life Changes Trust and £10,000 from Sportscotland to become dementia friendly. Table Tennis Scotland successfully ran two pilot projects in Dundee and Haddington for over 50's with dementia and Parkinson's disease. As a result, they are now...
sensory processing disorder

Overview of sensory processing disorder in children today

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision Group provides a comprehensive overview of sensory processing disorder (SPD) in children today Children with sensory processing disorder or dysfunction (SPD) are characterised by the occurrence of inward information in very atypical, diverting modes. Energising diagnosis and treatment through multi-sensory behaviour and activity...
asylum policy

Diversity in the neighbourhood drives support for a generous asylum policy

Dr Gideon Bolt at Utrecht University shares his expert perspective on attitudes towards asylum policy in Europe

Conservative manifesto: Overhaul of care and boost for NHS

Tackling the “unfairness” in the social care system is one of the core parts of the Conservative manifesto, it has emerged
mother baby integrated health and social care

Three essential steps on the way to integrated health and social care

Mark Raeburn, Managing Director of Capita One, shares three points local authorities should be aware of in their approach to integrated health and social care The debate about how best to bring the NHS and local social services together is not new. Indeed, the issue has occupied the minds of...
council tax rises not enough for social care

Council tax rises won’t fix local government funding crisis: LGA

The Local Government Association warns that cuts to other services are inevitable as council tax rises will fail to plug the adult social care funding gap Council tax rises from this April will not raise enough to avoid more deep cuts to local services next year, the Local Government Association...
social care system brink of collapse older people

Social care system on verge of collapse, say Age UK

Charity Age UK say the social care system is on the brink of disaster, with more than a million older people not receiving the help they need Drawing on new statistics and Age UK analysis, ‘The Health and Care of Older People in England 2017’ highlights the challenges facing older...
reducing loneliness in older people friends

Pilot project succeeds at reducing loneliness in older people

A pilot project run by Age UK testing new approaches to reducing loneliness in older people has found success in tackling the isolation that affects so many WIth recent research showing that nearly 500,000 people over the age of 60 usually spend every day alone and a further half a...
health and social care network procurement

Health and Social Care Network: Connectivity in public sector procurement

Innopsis director Michael Bowyer takes stock as the healthcare sector prepares for the launch of the Health and Social Care Network in March this year As NHS Digital, healthcare providers and industry prepare for the roll out of the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) in March 2017, we see...
sajid javid pay for social care

Councils can raise tax to pay for social care, says Javid

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid says £900 million will be made available for councils to pay for social care over the next two years Government was criticised when social care funding was not addressed – or even mentioned – in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement last month. The “unanimous and unequivocal” warning...
patient centred care

How GoTreatIT is supporting patient-centered care

Fighting vague and imprecise answers when measuring the quality of care – GoTreatIT software creates visual overview of already completed or ongoing treatment, including effects or adverse reactions to it. "Is it sufficient to ask how are you doing?”  Professor Theodore Pincus, USA ”Clinicians may all too easily spend years writing ”doing...

Philosophy within social/ educational research

In the everyday and customary repetitions/reiterations of embodied practices it would be very easy to begin this brief paper concerned with opening space for philosophical discourse in mainstream educational/ social research with expressions of what has been done by a small groups of colleagues in the UK and Australia...

Partnerships for success

Ellen Rowles from Action PR Ltd sheds light on why third party partnerships hold the key to success in improving leisure facilities for schools and colleges. In these times of economic uncertainty and budgetary constraints, many local authority schools and colleges are exploring alternative ways to improve their fitness offering...

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