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agile work, digital services

The agile advantage

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, discloses how public sector teams can make agile work for them.
full-service agency

The full-service agency myth – why one size rarely fits all!

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha uncovers the challenges of building and buying technology to deliver the best outcomes in public sector digital delivery
public sector technology procurement, zoocha

Open source software: Breaking the mould for public sector technology procurement

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, explores how open source has come of age and is rewriting the rule book on technology procurement in Government.
digital solution providers

Zoocha – Intelligently tailored digital solution providers

Zoocha is made up of digital experts solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions that transform digital experiences.
open-source software, digital transformation

Open-source software as a force for good in local government

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha Ltd, explains why open-source software is emerging as a digital transformation enabler in local government.

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