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School of Integrative Plant Science

Using CU-Structural Soil™ in the Urban Environment

The Case for CU-Structural Soil™: Why do we need it, what is it, and how is it used? Dr Nina Bassuk of the School of Integrative Plant Science explains.
the plant microbiome

Harnessing the plant microbiome for commercial applications

Philippe Rolshausen, Cooperative Extension Specialist based at University of California, Riverside, explains how the plant microbiome can be harnessed for commercial applications.

Environmental ‘time bomb’ warning for world’s groundwater reserves

Research reveals over half of the world’s groundwater flows could take over 100 years to respond fully to climate change.
World Soil Day

World Soil Day marks importance of healthy farmed environment

The importance of soil health for both productive farming and a healthy environment has been highlighted today on World Soil Day (5 December)
environmental policy

Environmental policy in the UK: Investing in the soil bank

Graeme Willis, Senior Rural Policy Campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) explains why soil has long been a Cinderella issue of environmental policy in the UK

The research priorities for the cereals and oilseeds sector

Tim Isaac, Head of Arable at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board shares his thoughts on research into the cereals & oilseeds sector

Agriculture sustainability: a question of crowd control!

Cristina Cruz from FCiencias.Id discusses agriculture sustainability, high demand and the need for the use of fertilizers We all know how much pressure agriculture is under. An increasing and more demanding population is pushing farmers towards an intensive and super-intensive farming to supply the markets with quality, cheap and safe food....

Providing data to manage soils sustainably

Dr Andrew Tye, Soil Scientist & Process Geochemist at the British Geological Survey looks at soil management and how it can help ensure sustainability for future generations. Society in the past has generally payed scant regard to its soils. However, as global population increases, pressures on the land we use...

Carbon dynamics and geomorphic processes in a warming Arctic

Ivar Berthling, Department of Geography, NTNU, Norway There are a number of significant feedbacks and interactions between processes and materials at the earth surface and in the atmosphere. This is a crucial point when considering global warming and climate change effects because such feedbacks might amplify the ongoing warming. One...

Researching soil and the climate

Tom Sauer joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) as a Research Associate at the National Soil Tilth Laboratory (NSTL) in Ames, Iowa in the fall of 1993. He had just obtained his PhD in environmental biophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the direction of...
global soil

A global approach to sustainable soil management

Effective action is required to tackle soil degradation for our food security and sustainable development. Moujahed Achouri, Director of FAO Land and Water Division hosting the Global Soil Partnership sheds light on the efforts being made on an international scale on addressing sustainable soil management. Soils constitute the foundation for...

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