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Group of multiracial international exchange university student friends sitting on the grass in the college campus

What does fewer international students in higher education mean for the UK?

The UK has discussed reducing the amount of dependents students from abroad can have when in university. How will this affect the number of international students in higher education?
In therapy, the mid adult female counselor talks to the attentive young man and his unseen sister.

Skyrocketing inflation worsens student mental health crisis

The current economic situation, marked by soaring inflation, is significantly impacting student mental health and worsening the ongoing crisis among young people.
students paying attention in class

2023: A look ahead to trends in higher education

Trends in higher education note institutions must be proactive and agile if they are to maintain a competitive advantage.
Back view of man presenting to students at a lecture theatre

How are micro-credentials lessening disruptions to higher education?

As skills rise in importance to employers, university educational programmes can adopt micro-credentials to give potential employees an advantage with recruiters.
teacher in a computer lesson

Edtech at the forefront of PM’s education reforms

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak set out his education reforms recently, pledging to improve professional development for teachers and expand the use of AI in classrooms.
woman doing maths

Compulsory mathematics education: Why not make broader learning the reality?

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Education and Diversity at the Royal Academy of Engineering, says a broader education for all would be better than just extending mathematics education.
history textbook

A critical approach to historiography – challenging the assumption that history should never be...

Dr Leanna Brinkley, Head of Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Cardiff University International Study Centre, Study Group, details a critical approach to the past – contextualizing historical events through the historiography.
Radcliffe Camera and part of All Souls College in Oxford , Oxfordshire, England.

Elite universities in the UK: what’s the competition?

The UK’s elite universities hold their prestige against Ivy league universities – but why are grades alone not enough to secure a place?
Female High School Teacher Sitting At Table With Students Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablets In Lesson

A new teaching approach to reinvent tomorrow’s careers

Carl Morris, Principal of Carfax College and Co-Founder of The Online School, discusses why a new teaching approach is needed in the classroom if we're to unlock students' talents and passions from an early age.
typing on laptop keyboard

What factors to consider when choosing a university in the UK

What is the decision-making process in choosing a university, and how is it far more than deciding which subject to study?
Back of graduates during commencement at university

UK degrees with the best prospects for 2023

An investment in knowledge is the best investment and this applies to what is arguably our first investment in life - our education. Here's what UK degrees are best for 2023.
woman communicating in sign language online

Looking back at the last decade on digital accessibility in online learning

There is a need to secure equal opportunities for students in online learning spaces – schools can do this by improving digital accessibility.
Graduates throwing hats into air against sunset, graduates apprentices and interns

Future talent: why graduates, apprentices and interns are so important to the public sector

Andy Lethbridge, Head of Consulting, central government, at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, discusses why graduates, apprentices and interns are critical for the public sector.
Young white male sat at desk in classroom with hand raised to attract attention of teacher

Working-class students need ‘sense of opportunity’ to attend university

Working-class students need to be presented with a 'sense of opportunity' at school for university to feel like a realistic option.
data analytics on a screen with glasses next to it

How can today’s higher education leaders more effectively utilise data analytics?

Data analytics could transform student experiences, but higher education institutions need to gather and efficiently measure information.
Student girl in mask with smartphone at lecture, recruitment

Are we answering our prospective and current students’ needs in recruitment?

In the post-pandemic era of recruitment & retention, how can we ensure that students realize the value on their investment?
female student taking a digital online exam at school

International Baccalaureate programme moves to digital exams

Digital exams are now overtaking traditional paper exams in the International Baccalaureate, with the potential to move to virtual reality assessments also.

After school closures, our focus needs to be on design

Following school closures due to COVID-19, schools need to reopen with safer designs in mind to protect students and help them attain an education.
graduating students in the UK

Student loan interest rates to be capped at 6.3%

From September 2022, there will be additional cuts to student loan interest to protect borrowers from rising inflation rates.
high resolution 3D image of satellite around the earth

Characterising satellites’ brightness and speed to declutter the skies

Students are navigating satellites' brightness and speed to declutter space traffic and assist astronomers by preventing light trails on their telescope-mounted cameras.

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