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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP concept. Businesswoman working at laptop computer with icons on digital virtual screen.Document management system

How can retail ERP systems help facilitate easier business growth?

Managing an omnichannel retail business means using various software programs to manage production, logistics, finances, and so much more. How can retail ERP systems help facilitate easier business growth and omnichannel commerce?
sustainable packaging

The sustainable regeneration of the packaging value chain

To mitigate the impacts of climate breakdown, we need to shift towards a sustainable regeneration system in the value chain which is circular.
supply chain van on the road

Climate-clever supply chains: How to make sustainable procurement decisions

Why is sustainable procurement so important? And how can organisations use technology to accelerate their efforts?
Warehouse distribution supply chain

UKAS CertCheck: a tool for accredited certification that helps combat fraud

UKAS CertCheck is a vital tool for companies that require accredited certification to fulfil their supply chain or other services.
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UKAS CertCheck: introducing surety into supply chains and the procurement process

The need for a robust and dependable supply chain is universal across all businesses and industries. UKAS CertCheck has the ability to introduce surety into supply chains and the procurement process.
medicine supply at a pharmacy

A shot in the arm for supply chain emissions of CO2 (e)

Henry Waite, Managing Director of Blue Marble looks at strategies to reduce supply chain emissions.
seller using computer checking ecommerce clothing orders

How can eCommerce ERP improvements help supply chain management?

As eCommerce business grows, supply chain management gets more challenging and demanding – but eCommerce ERP development can help.
social value, workplace, Overhead View Of Commuters Crossing Busy Street

Social value is not a tick box exercise – three principles for making a...

Companies are now required to demonstrate social value as part of a procurement process, particularly when bidding for public sector tenders.
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Using advanced analytics tech to safeguard from intellectual property theft

Phillip Akers, Head of Public Sector at Quantexa, discusses how we can use advanced analytics tech to safeguard from intellectual property theft.
Person holding smartphone above pile of damaged smartphones

How the government’s Critical Minerals Strategy will impact tech supply chains

The circular economy must be at the heart of the government’s Critical Minerals Strategy in order for it to be successful, says Steve Haskew.
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Escalating supply chain cyber-attacks need a strategic response

Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director at Crossword Cybersecurity, outlines the need for a more strategic and collaborative approach to maintain visibility of supply chain attack threats.
Combatting rising energy costs and supply chain pressures through intelligent design

Tackling energy and supply chain pressures

Yunex Traffic discusses combatting rising energy costs and supply chain pressures through intelligent design.

It is time to replace single-use medical textiles with sustainable alternatives

Charlie Preece discusses Revolution-ZERO’s mission to displace the global single-use PPE and medical textiles market with more effective, economic and sustainable alternatives.
sustainability and social value

Five ways to bring sustainability and social value to your supply chain

Dave Emsley explores how the world can be greener, outlining five key ways to bring sustainability and social value to your supply chain.
Supply Chain Operations

Is it time for a new approach to the supply chain?

Gavin Trimnell of Yunex Traffic discusses changes in supply chain operations in response to current global affairs.
fueleu maritime regulation, green deal

What is the FuelEU Maritime Regulation?

Constantine Catsambis, Rapporteur for the EESC opinion on FuelEU Maritime, explains how the FuelEU Maritime Regulation could improve the climate.
supply chain workforce, digital transformation

Where are women in today’s supply chain workforce? 

Seagull Scientific explores women in the supply chain workforce and how diverse leadership can enhance the efficiency of these systems.
supplier diversity, supply chain

Looking to the future: Can we make supplier diversity a priority post-pandemic?

Mayank Shah, MSDUK, explores how supplier diversity could become a priority in the distant realm of the post-pandemic.
women supply chain, supply chain

Why women could be the answer to supply chain’s future

Sian Hopwood, EVP, Local Business Units at BluJay Solutions, discusses how women could be the answer to the future of supply chains.
supply and demand

The need for strengthening food supply chains in a post pandemic society

With the outbreak of the pandemic, supply and demand a became key issue around the globe for many sectors. The agricultural market was no different.

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