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Supply Chain Operations

Is it time for a new approach to the supply chain?

Gavin Trimnell of Yunex Traffic discusses changes in supply chain operations in response to current global affairs.
fueleu maritime regulation, green deal

What is the FuelEU Maritime Regulation?

Constantine Catsambis, Rapporteur for the EESC opinion on FuelEU Maritime, explains how the FuelEU Maritime Regulation could improve the climate.
supply chain workforce, digital transformation

Where are women in today’s supply chain workforce? 

Seagull Scientific explores women in the supply chain workforce and how diverse leadership can enhance the efficiency of these systems.
supplier diversity, supply chain

Looking to the future: Can we make supplier diversity a priority post-pandemic?

Mayank Shah, MSDUK, explores how supplier diversity could become a priority in the distant realm of the post-pandemic.
OT Group Limited

OT Group takes the hassle out of public sector procurement

OT Group Ltd provide supply chain management, and further end-to-end business solutions to support business clients.
women supply chain, supply chain

Why women could be the answer to supply chain’s future

Sian Hopwood, EVP, Local Business Units at BluJay Solutions, discusses how women could be the answer to the future of supply chains.
supply and demand

The need for strengthening food supply chains in a post pandemic society

With the outbreak of the pandemic, supply and demand a became key issue around the globe for many sectors. The agricultural market was no different.
supply chain crisis

How AI and robotics can help solve the UK’s supply chain crisis

Akash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO, GreyOrange, explores how AI can help solve the UK's supply chain crisis as a result of lorry driver shortages, caused by Brexit and the pandemic.
Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity and the positive impact on the economy

Mayank Shah, CEO and founder of MSDUK, outlines the challenges that ethnic minority businesses face in accessing the supply chain and shares his thoughts on why levelling the playing field will have a positive impact on the economy.
visas HGV drivers, HGV drivers

UK Government to create temporary visas for HGV drivers

The UK Government have proposed expire-at-Christmas visas for 5,000 HGV drivers - weeks after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps spoke against "using foreign labour" in the haulage industry.
working from home trend

What will the WFH trend mean for the economy and global supply chains?

Here, FPE Seals, explore how the working from home (WFH) trend will affect the economy and global supply chains.
local economic

Will EU supply chain issues encourage local economic growth in the UK?

By discussing how Brexit has affected trade between the EU and the UK, we can explore how the UK economy may experience local economic growth and how businesses should reinforce their operations to succeed in this new era of regulated trade.
logistics and supply chain

Logistics & supply chain will win the COVID-19 war

Professor Richard Wilding argues that biochemistry is winning the battle against coronavirus, but logistics and supply chain will win the war.
supply chain strategy

How to manage business demand with a supply chain strategy

Calum Lewis, Founder and Principal Consultant of OP2MA, explains why businesses need to harness their supply chain strategies to cope with demand surges.

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