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cutting beef out

Cutting beef from US diet could slash carbon footprints by 48%

Tulane University research finds that swapping just one serving per day for a more planet friendly alternative, North Americans could cut their carbon footprint by 48%.
sustainable diets, vegan diet

The healthy, cost-effective benefits of sustainable diets

Research highlights the advantages of vegan diets - being both the cheapest food option in high income countries and the healthiest.
green cities, infrastructure

How do we define green infrastructure?

An exploration of ‘green infrastructure’ plans across 20 US cities found several inconsistent and limited definitions - so researchers created a new one.
invasive species, ecosystem

Utilisation of crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in integrated inquiry activities

Kouji Takeda*, Masataka Jitsuno* and Yumie Akaishi** examine the utilisation of crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in integrated inquiry activities, starting with current status in Japan.
f&b industry

Emerging role of the F&B industry in the circular economy

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan, explores the emerging role of the food and beverage industry in the circular economy
paris agreement

City & region climate action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes

Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy, Local Governments for Sustainability, tells us that city and region action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes
biodegradable glass

Smart biodegradable devices that vanish when they need to

Dr Chang-Soo Kim, Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, enlightens us on smart biodegradable devices that vanish when they need to
forest sector

Knowledge and technologies for effective wood procurement

TECH4EFFECT Co-ordinator and Head of Research of Forest and Forest Resources from the NIBIO, Rasmus Astrup explains how timber extraction needs to be improved for greater environmental and production efficiency in the European forest sector.
human industry

Gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable

L. Val Giddings, PhD, Senior Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, states that gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable*.
The imminent possibility of electric vehicles (EV)

All electric vehicles by 2030

Wilke Reints looks at how electric vehicles can be implemented before 2030 – especially when it comes to infrastructural necessities.
nappy tax

Why nappy tax is not an efficient method to tackle climate issues

Guy Schanschieff MBE, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bambino Mio, discusses why introducing a nappy tax on disposable nappies is not the best way to tackle climate issues.
EU's rural areas

European Commission’s long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas

The European Commission's long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas is explored here, with a focus on identifying the challenges and concerns, as well as highlighting the most promising opportunities.
corporate governance in japan, eSG investment

The role of Institutional Investor in ESG investment chain in Japan

Professor Yumiko Miwa, Meiji University in Japan, discusses the role of the Institutional Investor in ESG investment chain in Japan.
blue bioeconomy

Healthy biodiversity: The key to reaching the blue bioeconomy’s full potential

Nicolas Pade & Sabrina Gaber of the European Marine Resource Centre discuss optimising exploration and exploitation of the blue bioeconomy.
the european green deal

How cities can complement the European Green Deal

Sebastian Marx, Project Coordinator, Eurocities, says that increased commitment to environmental protection in cities will help the EU achieve its green ambitions.
food production workforce

Delivering a sustainable workforce for the food production industry

A lot of thought is invested in modern and sustainable food production, but where should the sustainable workforce come from that will supply the skills of the climate-smart industry of the future? Bengt Fellbe, Program Leader, SSEC, Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration, explores.
green post covid era

The Green Post COVID Era: Sustainable IT for the future

Walter Heck, CTO at HeleCloud, looks ahead to the Green Post COVID Era and argues that sustainable IT paves the way for a green future.
entire energy system

Reshaping Europe’s entire energy system

Open Access Government charts the European Commission’s ambitious goals to reshape the entire energy system across Europe.
race on climate

We’re in a race on climate and major cities are leading

Angie Fyfe, Executive Director of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA, discusses how thousands of stakeholders are mobilising ahead of COP26.
actionable water information

Actionable water information for local decision-making

GEOGloWS is delivering actionable water information from global models for use in local decision-making, E. James Nelson, Professor at Brigham Young University explains.

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