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Essen: The European Green Capital 2017

Essen: The European Green Capital 2017

Essen was granted the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2017. Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen highlights how the city became the third greenest in Germany

Providing data to manage soils sustainably

Dr Andrew Tye, Soil Scientist & Process Geochemist at the British Geological Survey looks at soil management and how it can help ensure sustainability for future generations. Society in the past has generally payed scant regard to its soils. However, as global population increases, pressures on the land we use...

An action plan for a sustainable Stockholm

Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor of Environment in the City of Stockholm outlines how they strive to become a truly sustainable city for generations to come. Sweden’s capital city Stockholm has been working on climate change mitigation and adaptation since the 1990s. The city is a frontrunner, with well implemented climate...
global soil

A global approach to sustainable soil management

Effective action is required to tackle soil degradation for our food security and sustainable development. Moujahed Achouri, Director of FAO Land and Water Division hosting the Global Soil Partnership sheds light on the efforts being made on an international scale on addressing sustainable soil management. Soils constitute the foundation for...
sustainable vision

Sharing the sustainable vision

Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen gives details of how the City is becoming the first CO2 neutral capital in Europe…

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