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Finnish Economy

The outlook of the Finnish economy

Finland’s Ministry of Finance lifts the lid on the current phase of rapid growth of the Finnish economy and their expectations for the same in 2018
EU single market

Why the EU Single Market has still not reached its full potential

Marco Hafner shares his insights into why the EU Single Market has still not yet reached its full potential and where it can go in the future

Ambrosus: Digitalising the Global Trade with Blockchain

Angel Versetti, CEO of Ambrosus discusses the world’s first blockchain ecosystem for supply chains and global trade

Theresa May assures public of Japan trade agreement after Brexit

Theresa May has announced a trade agreement with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe set to replace EU trading after Britain cuts ties with Europe

Brexit: UK to begin first trade negotiations with the US

The first talks are set to go ahead between the UK and the US to outline plans for trade between the two nations after Brexit
protecting your innovation

Protecting your innovation, research and development

Gary Townley, Business Manager at the UK Intellectual Property Office outlines the importance of protecting your innovation and research through Intellectual Property protection.
Accreditation provides certainty in uncertain times

Accreditation provides certainty in uncertain times

Malcolm Hynd, External Affairs Manager, UKAS, considers how accreditation will assume greater significance for trade after the UK withdraws from the EU
wildlife trafficking Catherine Bearder MEP

We need tougher action on wildlife trafficking

The tide may be turning but there is still much more to be done in the fight against wildlife trafficking, Catherine Bearder MEP argues Last year marked the start of the European fightback against wildlife crime. The EU’s new comprehensive anti-wildlife trafficking action plan presents us with a golden opportunity...
Unlocking SME trade competitiveness

Unlocking SME trade competitiveness

Rajesh Aggarwal, Acting Director in the Division of Business and Institutional Support at the International Trade Centre (ITC) provides insight into the role of SMEs in integrating successful international markets. SMEs play an important role in every economy, more so in developing and the least developed countries, in terms of...

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