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A Humpback Whale and her calf swimming below oceans surface

UK government extends Ivory Act to five more at-risk species

The Ivory Act is set to provide greater legal protections to hippopotamus and other species which are at risk, the UK government has announced.
monkeys being traded illegally

AI machines could report illegal wildlife trade

Illegal wildlife trade commonly takes place in online marketplaces on the internet, involving anything from advertising to selling live animals or animal products.
Energy towers on a bright dawn sky background (silhouette).

Moving the energy system towards climate action

In 2020, the World Resources Institute reported that 73% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulted from the consumption of energy – it's time to improve the energy system.
Fashion Show

How the internet has transformed the design and fashion industries

The internet has changed the way we live and work in many ways, and the design and fashion industries are no exception.
Online Business Ideas Monetize Concept

How can you generate revenue from your community portal?

A community portal can help companies build a stronger connection with their audience and increase brand visibility, which leads to financial gains.
Indigenous Greenland people standing in group in traditional clothing

Greenland’s Indigenous population supports sand extraction

Greenland's Indigenous population supports sand extraction and exports amid a rapidly growing global demand for these resources.
EU flag with nutritious food representing a brexit policy deal

How will Brexit policy affect your diet?

Brexit policy is to affect micronutrient food supplies in the UK, where foods imports will become harder to access due to trade deals.
protect animal health

Intercepting smuggled products to protect animal health

Will Wepsala, Public Affairs Specialist at the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, walks us through the work of intercepting smuggled products to protect animal health.
eu's fiscal rules

The debate on the future of the EU’s fiscal rules needs more pragmatism!

Reform of the fiscal rules is currently being discussed in a highly ideological fashion in the EU.
economic inequality us, infrastructure

Economic inequality in the US: Building back better for whom?

Jeronim Capaldo and Richard Kozul-Wright, from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), examine economic inequality in the United States.
baltic fish stocks, fishing

European Council agrees use of Baltic fish stocks for 2022

Yesterday (11 October), EU farming and fisheries ministers decided on the use of Baltic fish stocks in 2022 - including access to a species in UK waters.
visas HGV drivers, HGV drivers

UK Government to create temporary visas for HGV drivers

The UK Government have proposed expire-at-Christmas visas for 5,000 HGV drivers - weeks after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps spoke against "using foreign labour" in the haulage industry.
fishing deal with norway, uk fisheries

UK unable to make post-Brexit fishing deal with Norway

The UK failed to maintain British fishing-rights in Norwegian waters, after taking over negotiations from the EU for the first time in 40 years.
short sea shipping, MOSES project

The MOSES Project: Shaping the future of European Short Sea Shipping

Associate Professor Nikolaos P. Ventikos tells us about the MOSES research and innovation project, illustrating its contribution to sustainable European Short Sea Shipping (SSS) cargo transport.
controversial agricultural reforms, modi

Indian farmers continue to protest controversial agricultural reforms 

Prime Minister Modi cut the internet in many districts where Indian farmers continue to protest agricultural reforms, which would enable corporate takeovers of small farms while lowering crop value.
astrazeneca covid vaccine, eu

The EU authorises AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for use

European regulators have approved their third vaccine, AstraZeneca - which comes after a week of tense communications between the two parties.
vaccine feud, soriot

AstraZeneca CEO discusses the European Commission vaccine feud

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot spoke to Antonello Guerrera about the ongoing vaccine feud - with the Commission receiving 60% less than expected, raising tense questions about why.
vaccine exports, export

European Commission to create “transparency mechanism” for vaccine exports

In response to the AstraZeneca feud, EU officials are creating a "transparency mechanism" for vaccine exports - which would indirectly hold companies accountable for fulfilling their agreed contracts.
brexit and COVID anxieties, COVID-19

Brexit and COVID anxieties create 25% drop in British exports

According to recent data analysis, Brexit and COVID anxieties have created tangible decreases in how many commodities leave the UK.
huawei tech, 5G network

UK bans Huawei tech from 5G network by September

Today (30 November) the UK Government announced that Huawei tech would be banned from UK 5G networks in September, 2021 -  with all equipment to be removed by 2027.

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