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Evolution of Higher Education

The evolution of higher education in Macao

Two academics provide an expert perspective on the compelling story of higher education in Macao, China The evolution of higher education systems is a subject relating to many different aspects of any society, from operational and financial matters to ones that define the understanding and expression of citizenship. Some specific...
teacher recruitment

How can we reverse the teacher recruitment and retention crisis?

Emma Hollis, Executive Director of the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers sheds light on the issues around teacher recruitment and retention With issues around teacher recruitment and retention going way beyond discussions in staff rooms and school corridors and into the public eye, those of us at the heart...
environmental health

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs): A continuing environmental health concern

This compelling article is written by Professor of Neurotoxicology, Pamela J. Lein, Ph.D. who is based at University of California’s Davis/School of Veterinary Medicine. The thrust of the article is that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a continuing environmental health concern in today’s world Not shying away from detail, the piece...
research foundation

The organisation of the German Research Foundation

The inner workings of the German Research Foundation (DFG) are placed under the spotlight by Open Access Government in this insightful article The German Research Foundation (DFG) is the self-governing organisation for science and research in Germany and serves all branches of science and humanities, along with interdisciplinary research across...
university labels

Group mentality – is it time to move beyond broad brush university labels?

With many institutions still tied to the ‘former poly’ label, Jeremy Durrant at Instinctif Partners asks whether such groupings are still worthwhile A desire to classify, pigeon-hole, or aggregate in some way is not a new phenomenon in the higher education sector. From Redbricks to Russell Group, there are many...
student experience

Can UK Higher Education maintain the ‘student experience’ in the age of Brexit?

Robert Stoneman from GlobalData looks at how the UK can offer a unique and sought-after student experience during Brexit uncertainty

The Education Policy Institute and education performance in England

Executive Director of the Education Policy Institute, Natalie Perera shares her reflections on education performance in England today
research deal

UK strikes research deal with the US

A new research deal struck by the UK and the US aims to make it easier for scientists to travel, share resources, and collaborate
teaching unions

Teaching unions merge to form National Education Union

Two teaching unions, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) have formed the National Education Union (NEU)

University offers hit record numbers despite falling grades

A record number of students have been offered university places despite A-level results falling for the fifth successive year Universities have offered a record number of places to students as A-level and AS results are revealed. Ucas, the universities admissions service, said some 424,000 places have been offered—an increase of three...

Only a third of students think university is “good value for money”

According to a survey the number of students who think that university is good “value for money” has fallen The Student Academic Experience Survey of 15,000 students shows that only a third of UK students think they get good “value for money” from their university course. The survey also suggests that a...

UK university raises female wages to close pay gap

The University of Essex is to give its female professors a one-off salary hike to close the gender pay gap with their male colleagues The university wants to wipe out the gender pay gap and bring female professor salaries level with their male counterparts. Vice-chancellor Anthony Forster said other steps dedicated to...
university fees

University fees to increase through new Government plans

Minister Jo Johnson has unveiled new plans increase university fee with an aim to increase teaching standards in institutes across England

University dropout rates fall after the increase in tuition fees

A new report has examined the impact of increased tuition fees on the number of students completing university courses. In 2006 university tuition fees increased to around £3,000. The move, while highly contentious, has had at least one positive outcome: it has reduced the number of dropouts. A report carried out...

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