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public key infrastructure (pki)

Can the White House successfully spearhead zero-trust?

Jason Soroko, CTO of PKI, Sectigo, discusses the role of PKI in securing digital identity and implementing zero-trust architectures within the Governmental and public sector arena.
economic inequality us, infrastructure

Economic inequality in the US: Building back better for whom?

Jeronim Capaldo and Richard Kozul-Wright, from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), examine economic inequality in the United States.
national privacy legislation

How state laws drive the future of national privacy legislation

Rob Shavell, Co-Founder and CEO of Abine/DeleteMe, discusses how “local & limited” privacy laws will shape the future of national privacy legislation.
deaths police official statistics, us police

55% of deaths from police violence erased from official statistics

The Lancet found that over 55% of deaths via police violence were either misclassified or unreported in official statistics reports - a critical erasure of information between 1980 to 2018.
US data privacy framework, helpsystems

The argument for a national US data privacy framework

Adam Strange, Global Marketing Director at Titus by HelpSystems, explains the argument for a national US data privacy framework.
afghanistan exit deadline, baron hotel

US Government inflexible on Afghanistan exit deadline

As reports of an explosion outside Kabul airport roll in, the US Government remains adamant that Tuesday (31 August) will remain the deadline for evacuation.
full approval pfizer, FDA pfizer

FDA gives full approval to Pfizer COVID vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration fully approved the Pfizer COVID vaccine - meaning that it is now permanently approved for use in those aged 16 and over.
pfizer third dose, FDA pfizer

FDA approves third Pfizer dose for people with weak immune systems

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved a third Pfizer dose for people who are immunocompromised - despite the WHO asking countries to wait until 20% were double-vaccinated, globally.
black children suspended, black detention

Research finds Black children 3.5 times more likely to be suspended

A study, published by Elsevier, finds that Black pupils at the elementary school-age are 3.5 times more likely to be given detention or suspended - in comparison to their white peers.
US infrastructure deal, BIF

US Infrastructure Bill proposes $73 billion for clean energy

The $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill, formally known as BIF, is a momentous and era-defining kind of proposal - with $73 billion laid aside for investment into clean energy infrastructure and electric-vehicle charging stations.
US muslim ban, healthcare access

Study finds US ‘Muslim ban’ led to decrease in healthcare access

When the controversial US 'Muslim Ban' was signed in 2017, Muslim visits to emergency departments and appointments decreased - highlighting a connection between immigration rhetoric and healthcare access.
LGBTQ nonbinary, trans

Study finds one in four LGBTQ youth identify as nonbinary

According to data from The Trevor Project, one in four LGBTQ youth in the US identify as non-binary - with the majority reporting that they use they/them pronouns.
rare side effect, Guillain-Barré,

FDA labels Johnson & Johnson vaccine with new rare side effect

The FDA have labelled the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine as a possible cause of Guillain-Barré syndrome - an extremely rare side effect that can potentially cause nerve damage.
environmental justice, african american

Environmental Justice: Abandoning exclusivity for inclusive community-based solutions and approaches

Here, Tanya Khemet Taiwo, Bianca Yaghoobi, and Pamela J. Lein at University of California, Davis, discuss how to decolonise environmental justice.
national cybersecurity strategy

Colonial Pipeline: Inherent flaws in the national cybersecurity strategy

Miles Tappin, VP of EMEA at ThreatConnect, explores why the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack has exposed a significant weakness in the US national cybersecurity strategy.
partisan ideology victim blaming, sexual assault

Study finds link between partisan ideology and victim blaming

When it comes to discussions about sexual assault, a new study suggests a link between strong partisan ideology and victim blaming.
origins of COVID-19, wuhan covid

US pushes for investigation into origins of COVID-19

President Biden asked US intelligence agencies to begin investigating the origins of COVID-19 yesterday (26 May) - the international WHO team were unable to access all available data in their March trip to Wuhan.
cardiac deaths during pandemic, ethnic minority

Ethnic minorities had largest increase in cardiac deaths during pandemic

According to a new analysis by researchers, ethnic minorities in the US experienced disproportionately high levels of cardiac deaths during the pandemic - in comparison to the rates in 2019.
us extremist groups, boogaloos

New research explores digital evolution of US extremist groups

On 6 January, 2021, the world watched as an angry crowd broke into the US capitol building - here, researchers explore the evolution of US extremist groups and how this moment of violence happened.
nurse PTSD, ICU

Study finds 47% of US critical care nurses at risk of PTSD

When it comes to facing the COVID pandemic, healthcare professionals were at the frontline and new research suggests that 47% of critical care nurses are at risk of PTSD.

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