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partisan ideology victim blaming, sexual assault

Study finds link between partisan ideology and victim blaming

When it comes to discussions about sexual assault, a new study suggests a link between strong partisan ideology and victim blaming.
origins of COVID-19, wuhan covid

US pushes for investigation into origins of COVID-19

President Biden asked US intelligence agencies to begin investigating the origins of COVID-19 yesterday (26 May) - the international WHO team were unable to access all available data in their March trip to Wuhan.
cardiac deaths during pandemic, ethnic minority

Ethnic minorities had largest increase in cardiac deaths during pandemic

According to a new analysis by researchers, ethnic minorities in the US experienced disproportionately high levels of cardiac deaths during the pandemic - in comparison to the rates in 2019.
us extremist groups, boogaloos

New research explores digital evolution of US extremist groups

On 6 January, 2021, the world watched as an angry crowd broke into the US capitol building - here, researchers explore the evolution of US extremist groups and how this moment of violence happened.
nurse PTSD, ICU

Study finds 47% of US critical care nurses at risk of PTSD

When it comes to facing the COVID pandemic, healthcare professionals were at the frontline and new research suggests that 47% of critical care nurses are at risk of PTSD.
US TRIPS waiver, intellectual property

What happens now that the US supports the TRIPS waiver?

Rachel Thrasher, Research Fellow at the Global Development Policy Center in Boston, explains how the new US stance could change the TRIPS waiver debate.
TRIPS waiver, intellectual property

US declares support for TRIPS waiver on COVID vaccines

The TRIPS waiver would temporarily stop an intellectual property law that stops poorer countries to manufacture the vaccine - the US now joins India and South Africa in the proposal.
tear gas exposure menstrual, portland Oregon

Scientists find that tear gas exposure harms menstrual cycle

In this study, nearly 900 people described an abnormal menstrual cycle after exposure to tear gas - which is legally considered to be "safe" as a crowd control measure.
anti-black bias, racism

Research finds that one in five US police have anti-Black bias

Anti-Black bias has been the subject of #blm protests all year - now, sociologists have analysed 4.8 million adults to further explore the current status of police racism.
covid cases per city, eviction

Scientists say evictions will create 49,000 more COVID cases per city

The researchers found that COVID cases per city could increase by 49,000 to 53,000, if evictions are allowed to continue for atleast 1% of households.
2021 North America

April 2021 North America Analysis

In the Spring edition of North America Analysis, we hear from Robert Lembo, from the National Institutes of Health, who turns the spotlight on training physician scientists and clinician investigators through the process of graduate medical education in the United States, and more.
johnson & johnson vaccine, astrazeneca

US stops Johnson & Johnson vaccine to investigate blood clot risk

US authorities paused the use of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine as they look into six cases of blood clots that developed in women aged between 18 and 48.
removing statues, white supremacy

Archaeologists say removing statues will not “erase history”

Archaeologists say that the role of racism in "history-making" is still present and that removing statues does not risk erasing history.
moderna and pfizer vaccines, united states

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines 90% effective in US real-world data

Real-world use of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in the United States reveals that both are working at 90% efficacy - with data pointing to one dose being capable of 80% protection.
us trial astrazeneca vaccine, astrazeneca

US trial finds AstraZeneca vaccine 100% effective against COVID death

In a study of over 32,000 people, a US trial found the AstraZeneca vaccine was 100% effective against deaths caused by COVID-19 - the vaccine did not show any connection to blood clots.
anti-asian racism, chinese virus

Research finds anti-Asian racism rose after COVID-19 called “China Virus”

The recent shootings in Atlanta and Cherokee County took eight lives, six of them Asian - highlighting the rise in anti-Asian racism after COVID-19.
decades of neglect, health, american rescue plan

COVID-19 exposes “decades of neglect” in US healthcare system

Jacob Bor, Assistant Professor in Global Health and Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health, says COVID shed light on what he describes as "decades of neglect".
racial prejudice, covid-19

Racial prejudice: Why Asian Americans are still blamed for COVID-19

Racial prejudice, fuelled by poor coping mechanisms and biased social media consumption, has shaped how the public view Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID care home deaths, care home

Scientists found racial differences in COVID care home deaths

According to new data, COVID care home deaths in the United States are influenced by race - with majority non-White care homes experiencing 3.3 times more deaths.
johnson & johnson vaccine, johnson vaccine

FDA approves the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for use

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, with an efficacy of 86%, as the next to be rolled out across the US.

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