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cutting beef out

Cutting beef from US diet could slash carbon footprints by 48%

Tulane University research finds that swapping just one serving per day for a more planet friendly alternative, North Americans could cut their carbon footprint by 48%.
california drinking water, sanitary water

Californians continue to struggle with a lack of safe, sanitary drinking water

Safe drinking water in California is becoming scarce, as contaminated drinking water continues to disproportionately impact communities of colour in the state.
ocean acidity, global warming modelling

The key to global warming models is ocean acidity

Ocean acidity is an essential variable in validating climate models, accurately predicting complex environmental dynamics and major changes to Pacific Ocean currents.
exposure nanoparticles

The long-term effects of exposure to nanoparticles

In toxicology & health science focus, Ken Tachibana, Sanyo-Onoda City University in Japan, walks through the long-term effects of exposure to nanoparticles
risk of dehydration

Hydration: An essential part of healthy ageing

Senior Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, at the National Council on Aging, illustrates the ways that hydration is key to staying healthy as we age
industries drinking water

How industries are affecting access to safe drinking water

An analysis considers the impacts of large-scale agriculture and industries on the human right to drinking water, advocating for the access to safe water for all.
global water crisis

Avoiding ‘Day Zero’: A global water crisis

Darío Soto-Abril and Johannes Cullmann, state the world is facing a global water crisis and share their views on what we can do to avoid ‘Day Zero’.
indigenous youth resilience, life

Indigenous youth resilience: Water protectors

Dr Dawn Martin-Hill and Dr Christine Wekerle from McMaster University highlight Indigenous youth resilience research, including comment on what water teaches us.
Peatlands and the water cycle

Peatlands regulate the water cycle in our landscapes

Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger further discuss peatlands and the water cycle within outr landscapes.
automated meter readers

How automated meter readers are transforming the water utilities industry

Smarter Technologies discusses how automated meter readers (AMRs) allow local governments, organisations and businesses to help limit water scarcity and improve water efficiency.
actionable water information

Actionable water information for local decision-making

GEOGloWS is delivering actionable water information from global models for use in local decision-making, E. James Nelson, Professor at Brigham Young University explains.

New Ideotype of Rice with Improved Water-use Efficiency

Professor Apichart Vanavichit discusses the importance of rice crop and developments in rice production in light of the growing need of water efficiency.
water resource, open-source sensor

Water citizen science focus

A team from Missouri University of Science and Technology, focus on water citizen science, including comment on monitoring water quality with affordable, open-source sensors & generating shared knowledge in social media.

Dehydration in health and social care

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, General Manager of The Water Dispenser and Hydration Association, explains how in hospital and care settings, the issue of dehydration is all too common.
water resource knowledge, missouri university of science

Improving water resource knowledge

Dr Joel Burken & Dr Chang-Soo Kim from Missouri University of Science and Technology, in this editorial underline the importance of improving water resource knowledge among citizens & policy-makers.

Protecting minerals in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Here, Open Access Government discovers the environmental protection priorities of Mukhtar Babayev, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
household carbon footprint, household

Digital solutions to reduce household carbon footprint

Gavin Ellis, Director and Co-Founder of Hubbub, discusses how digital solutions can be used to help households reduce their carbon footprint and save money.
elephant coexistence, elephant

A “complexity” approach to human-elephant coexistence

What does it take for humans and elephants to live together? This was the question that has guided nearly 18 years of research and local engagement in the Gourma region of central Mali.

Grundfos advanced water and pump solutions for the world

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology - from drinking water to waste water.
water from different planets, clathrate hydrates

Scientists analyse water from different planets to understand their secrets

Researchers are now looking at the crystalline solid form of water from different planets, to understand how planets, satellites and even comets evolved.

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