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global food supply

Water for plant growth: The foundation of the global food supply and ecosystem services

Professor Robert Aiken, Research Crop Scientist at the Northwest Research – Extension Center and Dr. Ramesh Dhungel, Research Associate at Kansas State University explain why water is required for plant growth, the foundation of the global food supply and ecosystem services.
clean water

The environment: Clean water is life, health, food, leisure and energy

Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA) argues that clean water is life itself, but also our health, food, leisure and energy
clean energy

Clean energy: The U.S. Energy Department’s priorities for wave, tidal and hydropower resources

The work of the U.S. Energy Department is examined here by the Editor of Open Access Government Jonathan Miles in respect to clean energy and the remarkable potential of wave, tidal and hydropower resources.
Yellow Fish campaign

Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign reminds the public not to pollute

The Environment Agency is using imagery of yellow fish to alert people on the Kent coast to what happens when they pour fat, oils or other waste down their yard drains or road gullies.
untreated sewage

Water company fined for unpermitted pollution

Northumbrian Water Ltd has been fined for unpermitted discharges of untreated sewage following an investigation by the Environment Agency.
dry weather

Environment Agency improves incident response to tackle impacts of dry weather

The Environment Agency has stepped up its incident response to tackle the impacts of continued dry weather, following the driest June since 1925
water efficiency

Environment Agency calls for action on water efficiency

Rivers and wildlife could be left without sufficient water unless action is taken to reduce water use and wastage, according to an Environment Agency report
smart water meters

Smart water meters increasingly employ cellular communication solutions to harness the power of IoT

Smart meters' ability to reduce non-revenue water losses and improve billing accuracy attracts investments, finds Frost & Sullivan
water connections

New-build market in the UK to benefit from genuine competition for water connections

John March, Water Director at GTC shares his views on how the new-build market in the UK is to benefit from genuine competition for water connections
Global Recycling Day

Countdown continues to world’s first ever Global Recycling Day

The initiative from the Bureau for International Recycling (BIR) will call on the world to think “resource” not “waste” when it comes to recycling
free drinking water

Network Rail to provide free drinking water at stations

Network Rail has announced that it will trial drinking water facilities at London Charing Cross to help reduce plastic waste The free drinking water initiative, which seeks to encourage station users to refill their own multiple use water bottles, forms part of Network Rail’s wider ambitions to reduce the impact...

Sustainable water treatment with Arctic attitude

Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu talks about the importance of sustainable water treatment in Northern Finland
foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease

Foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease in the Canadian North

Dr. Sherilee Harper and Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo look at the need for integrated environment and health surveillance for foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease in the Canadian North

Addressing the world’s water shortage

Acute shortage of drinking water reserves across the globe is one of the biggest problems these days. According to the study conducted by NASA in cooperation with the University of California on the underground natural reservoirs of water for the period of 2003-2013, the water supplies in underground aquifers...

Environmental benefits of re-using rainwater

Water UK explains the environmental as well as money saving benefits of recycling and re-using rainwater It might seem difficult to believe but it was only 3 years ago that parts of Britain were starting to recover from 2 years of extremely low rainfall, followed by intense storms and wet...

An innovative technology for industrial wastewater reuse

Water is one of the most important natural resources on Earth. It is not only fundamental to life but also essential to the wealth of countries contributing to all aspects of personal welfare and economic life. However, global drivers such as climate change, population growth and improving living standards increase...
eu water

Addressing EU water challenges

Pavel Misiga, Head of the Water Unit at the European Commission’s Environment DG, outlines how the EU Water Framework Directive can help to ensure clean water in sufficient quantities for people and nature  The main aim of EU water policy is to ensure that throughout Europe a sufficient quantity of good...

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