The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

Here, the Expede Group look at one of the pressing issues of contemporary education – protecting high value student data in an increasingly digital world

When it comes to student data, it is important to incorporate digital transformation in a cybersecure way – especially in the realm of higher education. It is a process that is almost inevitable for contemporary institutions, as the world migrates relentlessly forward into a digital existence.

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of transformation and data protection, as students and the general population were forced to change how they learn, how they contact healthcare professionals and how they work. This shift was necessary, so it happened quickly. For some organisations, this meant leaving behind considerations like data protection to keep ahead of service demand.

While data is largely seen as a tool of efficiency, escalating into a more controlled and well-reliable way of working, the truth is that this change can be daunting. To begin any process like this, experts say that an institution has to first become really aware of their information assets. A review like this is out of the norm, often not a priority in contrast to the daily running of affairs.

However, experts at Expede Group say that it is essential to know what you’ve got – before you make a move to protect it. Without knowing your own data, there can be no meaningful output.

So, where do you begin? And how do you implement changes that can appear so wide-ranging, that there appears to be no fixed start point?

For any institution or organisation in the public or private sector, there is a clean roadmap to figuring out all of the above and making sure it actually works. Here, experts have written an intricate and clear set of instructions, with guided steps and insight from experience.

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