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Open Access Governments Environment news category is full of diverse and interesting material. This section takes a broad look at environmental issues across the world and the governments tackling them. 

In this category, you will find the latest legal developments in the environmental sector from around the globe. The newest research is available to read with news such as the EU’s strategy with environmental changes and issues. We also cover marine conservation, biodiversity, sustainability, and the impacts of climate change on the natural world.

The process of implementing zero emission policies and the development of technology in the aid of reducing climate change and fossil fuel emissions are popular topics within this section.

Deforestation: tree cut down and jungle or tropical forest in the background

Tropical forests recovering from logging emit carbon

Despite former research signifying how trees are carbon sinks, tropical forests recovering from logging act as a source of carbon also.
person controlling air conditioning in hospital with remote - Climate-smart healthcare

Climate-smart healthcare: Resilience against climate health threats

Mireia Figueras Alsius, Climate Officer at Health Care Without Harm Europe, directs our thoughts towards climate-smart healthcare, including comments on extreme weather events.

We can’t protect our climate without ocean action

Steve Trent, CEO and Co-Founder of the Environmental Justice Foundation, argues that we can’t protect our climate without ocean action.
Honey bee on flower

Honey bee lifespans are 50% shorter today than 50 years ago

Entomologists have found that honey bee life spans are 50% shorter than in the 1970s, which corresponds with colony loss and reduced honey production.

Seagrass can reduce coastal erosion by 70%

According to research from the University of Gothenburg, seagrass can bind its root mats to the sand and reduce cliff erosion by up to 70%.
Flexible Sea Fan coral in Caribbean Sea

Vulnerable corals can be “rescued” by corals with resistant genotypes

A study finds that disease-resistant corals can help to save vulnerable corals – as genetic diversity improves a coral’s chance of survival.
impact business, Global warming concept: smoke coming out of chimney

Climate change: The true possibilities of impact business

Matt Meyer, Chief Executive, Taylor Vinters, uncovers the true possibilities of impact business in light of climate change solutions.
dead coral

Satellites will allow scientists to analyse coastal dead zones

New technology is allowing scientists to predict where, when and how long coastal dead zones persist across large regions of coastline.
Forests felling in Scotland to produce biomass fuel

UK spends £2 billion destroying the forests for bioenergy – despite COP27 pledges

Despite its pledges to protect the forests at COP27, the UK has increased biomass subsidies for bioenergy by £2 billion annually, which involves mass deforestation.
Beautiful image of tree in autumn, floor covered in red leaves, ring of mushrooms in foreground

7 of the most poisonous mushrooms in UK to look out for this autumn

Some of the world's most poisonous mushrooms can be spotted in the UK from the end of summer onwards - here's what to look out for on your next autumnal walk.
Man in construction hard had looking at plans over building site

How planners can meet net zero and carbon neutral targets

Graeme Cooke discusses how planners can prepare for the impact of extreme environments and meet net zero and carbon neutral targets.
plastic pollution in the ocean

The UK to end plastic pollution by 2040

The UK has begun a legally-binding global treaty involving businesses, environmental groups, and more, aiming to end plastic pollution by 2040.
Old farmer under the ancient banyan tree

Ancient trees could protect at-risk environments from climate change

Playing a vital role in biodiversity and protecting the ecosystem, ancient trees can act as massive carbon storage .
boat on the river thames

An ecosystem approach to the River Thames

Anna Forbes, Thames Rivers Trust Administrator at the Thames Rivers Trust, shares with us an ecosystem approach to the River Thames.
Egyptians pyramids and people on camels against a blue sky

Egypt’s priorities as COP27 president

30 years on from the adoption of the UNFCCC, Egypt will take on the role of COP27 president with a pledge to turn words into action on climate change.
wildflower planting in nature

Biodiversity and the benefits of nature to the workforce

Exploring the relationship between mental health, the workforce, and biodiversity, workplaces should be encouraging their employees to volunteer in nature more.
Various types of Covid masks hanging to dry/air out on washing line against a clear blue sky

Plastic pollution and how COVID-19 contributed to the problem

Plastic pollution has been an issue since the 1960s, but when mask-wearing, single-use plastics and hand sanitiser bottles became the norm, things only got worse.
Box of chips spilling over concrete floor

Could a littering heat map solve the waste problem?

Dyl Kurpil explains the value of a littering heat map in creating a proactive, intelligence-driven anti-litter strategy.
Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan climate change: One third of the country is underwater

With the death toll rising to over 1200 people, Pakistan suffers the burden of climate change with extreme floods.
deforestation of a rainforest causing carbon emissions

30% higher carbon emissions produced by deforestation than climate change

The Atlantic Rainforest’s carbon storage capacity has been affected by deforestation due to human activity – with carbon emissions worse than those produced by climate change.

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