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Within the Open Access Government Finance News section, you can find a wide variety of information on the changes in the financial sector.

We often explore the development of digital banking and the future of Fintech, along with the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (WTO) stories. You can also find expert opinions on many popular topics within this category along with insights into the financial changes in other countries.

This category also covers poverty and pensions in the UK along with any legal changes to financial law. Up to date articles are available on fiscal policy and trade wars within the sector.

A miniature man and miniature woman standing on top of a pile of coins. The concept of the gender pay gap

Gender savings gap: Women save 35% less than men in the UK

Women across the UK save a third less than their male counterparts due to a gender savings gap, leaving a disparity of 40% between men and women at the age of retirement.
Business leader giving talk to conference room, woman standing up in front of whiteboard, everyone one else sat down in front of her

Finance and business trends for 2023

Rising inflation and the threat of recession present economic challenges for businesses, so what finance and business trends can we expect in 2023?
Woman looking at the house bills

Monthly bills raise UK personal debt by a third

UK personal debt has increased massively over 2022 due to the cost of living crisis, with 68% of people feeling stressed about finances.
Person putting coins into toy car to symbolise saving up for an electric vehicle

How long will it take European drivers to save for an electric vehicle?

How long will it take European drivers to save for electric vehicles based on the average cost of an EV compared to the average wage?
seller using computer checking ecommerce clothing orders

How can eCommerce ERP improvements help supply chain management?

As eCommerce business grows, supply chain management gets more challenging and demanding – but eCommerce ERP development can help.
Two hands holding small tree and earth

Social taxonomy: A step towards social sustainability

Judith Vorbach from the European Economic and Social Committee, with Susanne Wixforth, Advisor, walk us through social taxonomy.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

COP27 finance: Could $1 trillion a year prevent ‘climate hell’?

UN chief warns we are on a path to 'climate hell' – but COP27 finance goals calculate $1 trillion of annual investment could curb this.
British pound sterling coins with a red downward arrow. Uk economic crisis

Can the Bank of England save the day by raising interest rates?

Raising interest rates could curb rising inflation in the UK – but will this help with struggles arising from the conflict in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis?
Homeless man begging on Oxford street, London

UK economic crisis leads to the country’s longest recession yet

Unemployment is predicted to double and interest rates are to reach 3% in 2022, as the UK economic crisis worsens the cost of living once more.
Small business finances objects with glasses and pen

How Open Banking can improve customer engagement in the public sector

With over six million UK users, it’s safe to say that open banking is no longer in its infancy, but how can we use it to improve customer service?
Person sitting at desk over spreadsheets working out sums on calculator

Private equity firms re-focus on optimising portfolios

Julie Neal, director at management consultancy Vendigital, discusses why private equity firms must re-focus on optimising portfolios.
Mutual funds, business performance success, profit and loss in accounting or company management concept, miniature people figurine

Economic strategy: What now for Good Growth?

Amidst the political and economic turmoil in the UK, Paul Frainer, Director of the Institute of Economic Development (IED), issues a few timely reminders on growth and economic strategy.
uk banknotes and money on a tax paper

“Fickle, False and Full of Fraud”: The UK is on the brink of recession...

The risk of a UK recession is nearing, and economic fraud could be on the rise too. To combat this, new government bills could change laws for the better.
Black background with stack of British pound coins in varying amounts

British pound sterling drops to record low

The British pound sterling has hit an all-time low, but what does this actually mean? And how has this happened?
British pound notes and coins

Why is the value of the British pound falling and what is a mini...

The British pound has fallen below the US dollar, as the Tory ‘mini budget’ enacts the biggest tax cuts seen in 50 years.

The 3 truths about Accounts Payable (AP) audit software

In this article, Ray Dorney from Rockford Associates Limited will show you the 3 main reasons why audit recovery software is not a complete solution.
Woman wearing face mask shopping for groceries in US supermarket amidst the cost of living crisis, some empty shelves due to supply issues

The frightening cost of living in the U.S: a Price Index Review

With food and energy prices increasing exponentially, it comes as no surprise that 67% of Americans are worried about the cost of living.
IV bags and bottles hanging on poles during a real surgery

NHS hospital trusts face a 200% increase in energy bills

Hospitals and trusts across the UK could be charged an additional £2 million per month for energy bills in the winter, due to national fuel costs surges.
Graphic with red arrow illustrating how house prices are dropping

Are house prices going down?

For the first time this year, house prices are going down but experts believe the fall is due to holidays, not rate rises.
Mini figures representing police standing round illicit medicines, drugs

Financial crime: lessons from big pharma and global policing

John Binns of BCL Solicitors discusses how financial crime can be overcome, with reference to Interpol’s Operation Pangea.

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