January 2021 North America Analysis

In the January 2021 edition of North America Analysis, we hear from Robert B Stone and Jordan M Berg, of the Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Division at the U.S. National Science Foundation, who explore precisely how engineering research improves people’s lives

Also, Dr Diane Jofuku Okamuro, of The NSF’s Division of Integrative Organismal Systems, details vital work taking place to support increased understanding of the relationship between genetics and an organism’s environment.

We also enjoy analysis from Dr Anjuli S. Bamzai, NSF Division Director for Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences and Ms Elizabeth Zelenski, Staff Associate, NSF Office of the Assistant Director for Geosciences, who describe research concerning water-related extreme events underway that has profound implications for society.

In the energy section, we are delighted to welcome back Morry Markowitz, President of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, who underscores the importance of moving forward when it comes to fuel cells and hydrogen.

You might like to look at an in-depth piece by Heather Curlett from the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, who outlines how PPQ eradicated Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2 from U.S. Greenhouses.

Turning to Canada, insightful opinion is given by Gary Lacasse and his colleagues from the Canadian AIDS Society, who argue that Canada is far behind other G7 countries in eliminating new HIV infections, with a 25.3% increase in new cases reported between 2014 and 2018.

Please do join us for our future quarterly online publications in 2021 and beyond. Let’s hope that we can at least get closer to some normality this year. Keep well and safe.


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