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Osaka University of Economics and Law

Osaka University of Economics and Law

Professor Emi Sugawara leads a research project on business and human rights from the perspective of the parties concerned for improved policies

David Marlow – Third Life Economics

David Marlow is Managing Director of Third Life Economics, and a member of the Institute of Economic Development which arranged this article.
Woman in exercise gear sitting on floor behind weights using health app to guide her workout.

What behavioural economics has to offer to the NHS

At the centre of behavioural economics is an understanding that people do not always make rational decisions - here's how it could help the NHS.
women in economics,

Only 25% of global senior-level positions held by women in economics

Women are noticeably underrepresented in many academic professions, with a distinct lack of women in economics – particularly in universities.
Graham Brookes

Graham Brookes – PG Economics

Graham Brookes is an Agricultural Economist with PG Economics, UK.
Adam Smith Business School

Economics at the Adam Smith Business School

Economics at the Adam Smith Business School continues a long-standing reputation, delivering education and research at the highest standard.
issue of antimicrobial resistance, economics of climate change

How can economics tackle the issue of antimicrobial resistance?

Applying the economics of climate change to antimicrobial resistance could help to avert the 10 million deaths that are predicted to occur by 2050 if urgent action isn’t taken.

Health in Europe: A matter of good economics

Open Access Government details the priorities and intentions of the new European Health Commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis Born in 1951, Vytenis Andriukaitis holds degrees in medicine and history and started his political career just after high school. He is one of the authors of the Lithuanian Constitution of 1992 and a...
man looking at tvs when shopping

No more wasted chances: rethinking overconsumption culture

Attitudes to material acquisition have varied greatly through the ages, and now, the world is exacerbating the climate crisis with overconsumption. How do we change this?
woman caring for an elderly woman

An analysis of health and welfare in Australia

Open Access Government takes time out to examine some interesting health and welfare issues in Australia.

Ragui Assaad – University of Minnesota

Ragui Assaad is professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota He is Research Fellow of the Economic Research Forum in Cairo, Egypt, and a non-resident Research Fellow of the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), Bonn, Germany.

Policy recommendations for Japan towards achieving labour CRS/ RBC

The government’s current policy can be improved. Therefore, it is an urgent task to create an overarching policy vision to help Japan on its journey towards Labour CSR/RBC.
woman doing maths

Compulsory mathematics education: Why not make broader learning the reality?

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Education and Diversity at the Royal Academy of Engineering, says a broader education for all would be better than just extending mathematics education.
Concept image of cables and connections for data transfer in the digital world.3d rendering.

True digital levelling up is within reach for local authorities

Ian Newbury from BT Wholesale argues that the success of UK local authorities is reliant on the services they underpin, which can be improved by the digital levelling up agenda.

Jenni Black – World Benchmarking Alliance

Jenni joined WBA in January 2023. She leads the Nature Benchmark at WBA, working to make sure that the data and insights are understood and widely used by stakeholders to create positive impact. Jenni is passionate about unlocking the role of companies in halting and reversing nature loss and...
Business Conference Meeting Presentation: Businessman does Financial Analysis talks to Group of Businessspeople. Projector Screen Shows Stock Market Data, Investment Strategy, Revenue Growth

Private equity: Shock absorber and growth catalyst

Private equity dampens business cycle fluctuations, improves capital allocation, and boosts growth, argues professor Christian Keuschnigg.

What has been the impact of Brexit on the UK economy?

Sarah Hall, University of Nottingham, discusses and assesses the impact of Brexit on the UK economy, in combination with COVID-19 and the Ukraine war.
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion exists to initiate, support, and conduct research on religion.
history textbook

A critical approach to historiography – challenging the assumption that history should never be...

Dr Leanna Brinkley, Head of Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Cardiff University International Study Centre, Study Group, details a critical approach to the past – contextualizing historical events through the historiography.

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