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STEM skills

Education priorities and STEM skills in the US

The US Department of Education’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence, advancing STEM skills, and ensuring equal access
STEM skills gap

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: STEM skills gap

Here, Ten industry experts share their advice with Open Access Government, as to how and why businesses and educational institutes can help close the STEM skills gap.
UKs STEM skills, UK STEM apprenticeships

Can apprenticeships increase the UK’s STEM skills?

According to a report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the current lack of UK STEM skilled workers is costing the nation's economy £1.5 billion annually.
women in engineering

Women keen to develop engineering and STEM skills

As the country marks International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd, figures revealed by Open Study College show engineering courses ranked within the top 10 most popular courses for women.
importance of STEM skills

The importance of STEM skills and closing the gap

Mark Brownridge, Director General of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) highlights the importance of STEM skills for the future of the private sector and how to close the current gap, here.
STEM skills

What can tech businesses do to address the STEM skills shortage?

A recent STEM skills indicator showed that businesses at the cutting edge of the industrial economy are feeling the effects of a lack of STEM skills in the UK workforce. Rich Mortimer, Chief People Officer, Egress Software Technologies, discusses how tech business can address the issue.
net zero NHS

A view on the NHS becoming the first Net Zero healthcare system

James Bailey Managing Partner at Bruton Knowles, provides his view on the NHS becoming the first Net Zero healthcare system.
diversity in STEM

Education: Inclusion and diversity in STEM

Cristina Querzè, Human Resources Director, Sales and Western Europe at Vertiv, explores why ensuring inclusion and diversity in STEM industries needs to begin with education.
low code

Low-code helps UK councils to digitally transform and abandon legacy IT systems

Legacy IT systems are an obstacle to many UK councils in customer service operation, but low-code may be able to advance next-generation digital services.
creative team working together at computers in a casual office

Maintaining momentum on digital investment is key to dealing with the skills shortage

There is a massive skills shortage in the public sector, but continued investment in technology and digital transformation could solve this.
digital innovation on an iPad

Post-pandemic skills solutions can reset public sector innovation

How do we access the talent needed for public sector innovation? Attracting tech talent relies on a flexible environment that employees want to work in.
girls who code

Girls Who Code: Encouraging Girls towards STEM Careers

Girls Who Code – While enrolment in computing science and engineering degrees has largely evened out among men and women, the professional participation of women in the technology sphere continues to lag behind.

InDEStruct: engineering advanced heat transfer systems

Open Access Government interviews members of the team of the InDEStruct project, a Horizon 2020 project which works toward inter-disciplinary design approaches for advanced heat transfer systems.
illustrating the STEM workplace and the diversified team

STEM: Wicked problems and the diversified team

Dr Larry Earnhart, Chair, Dept. of Quantitative Studies University Canada West, sheds light on wicked problems and the diversified team when it comes to STEM.
Business Team Meeting Connection Digital Technology Concept

Filling the public sector’s digital skills gap through employee empowerment

The public sector has a digital skills gap which requires urgent action – to solve this, employers can advance workplace technology skills through multidisciplinary methods.
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Reconfiguring the whole energy system for a net zero future

In order to achieve a net zero future, the UK needs more tangible support to achieve net zero ambitions – including better infrastructure for sustainable energy.
engineering STEM students at a job learning net zero skills

A lack of green STEM jobs could lead to a net zero skill shortage

The UK could experience a net zero skills shortage due to the lack of understanding and of education of skills required in green STEM jobs.
botany, ecology

The education system makes us “disconnected from the botanical world”

At a time when plants could help solve global environmental problems, scientists warn we must become more in touch with botanical education.

Reading & deciphering ancient writing systems with AI

Shai Gordin, Senior Lecturer at Digital Pasts Lab, Ariel University in Israel, provides intriguing insights about reading & deciphering ancient writing systems using AI.
Interoperable health records

Interoperable health systems needed for digital future & improved patient care

Professor Peter Bannister explores the need for interoperable health records to ensure a digital future for healthcare.

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