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metastatic breast cancer, immunotherapy

Scientists use tumour-fighting cells to treat breast cancer

An ongoing clinical trial led by the NCI Centre for Cancer Research reveals an experimental form of immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer.
oestrogen breast cancer, oestrogens

Oestrogen signalling, environmental chemicals & links with breast cancer

Members of the Breast Cancer & Environment Research Program walk us through what we need to know about oestrogen signalling, including environmental chemicals & links with breast cancer.
breast cancer patients, home test

Finalising a home test kit for breast cancer patients

A home test kit enabling patients with Breast cancer to test their blood nears its final development stages, with support from the NHS and inventors Entia and Pfizer.
racial disparities

Black women face racial disparities in breast cancer screening

Black women face higher mortality rates and recurrence of breast cancer, according to researchers from University of Illinois Chicago.
Volpara Health Limited

Volpara Health Limited – Saving more families from breast cancer

Volpara Health Limited provides clinically validated, AI-powered software for personalised screening and early detection of breast cancer.
breast cancer chemotherapy, cholesterol

Ordinary drug could prevent heart damage from breast cancer chemotherapy

Damaged heart muscle is a tragic possibility for patients of breast cancer chemotherapy - but thanks to Dr Husam Abdel-Qadir, there may now be a way to stop it.
honeybee venom, breast cancer

Honeybee venom found to kill agressive breast cancer cells

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have found that the venom of honeybees can destroy aggressive breast cancer cells in a lab setting.

Researchers create world’s most detailed map of breast cancer risk

An international team identified over 350 DNA 'errors' that increase risk of developing the disease, creating a map of breast cancer risk.
Men's health week, male breast cancer

Men’s Health Week: Raising awareness about male breast cancer

During Men’s Health Week (10-16 June 2019) Breast Cancer Haven aims to raise awareness of breast cancer amongst the male population and remind the public that the charity’s services are available to anyone affected by the disease.
Precision oncology

Towards Precision Oncology in Breast Cancer

Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Using Tumor Vasculature Characteristics.
triple-negative breast cancer

New research uncovers how cancer stem cells drive triple-negative breast cancer

Researchers have identified a new stem cell pathway that allows triple-negative breast cancer to thrive, with their findings potentially pointing the way towards more effective treatments

Using Positron Emission Mammography to detect breast cancer

Dr Alla Reznik, Canada Research Chair in Physics of Medical Imaging, explains how Positron Emission Mammography is effective when detecting breast cancer

Fighting against breast cancer in Canada

Canadian Cancer Society’s Dr Rob Nuttall and Shawn Chirrey explain how fighting against breast cancer requires ongoing support for research and screening

New developments in breast cancer treatment found

A mechanism used by breast cancer cells to grow and spread has been discovered. This has the potential to open the way for a new generation of treatments

Breast cancer: prevention and survival

Rachel Clark, Health Promotion Manager, at World Cancer Research Fund, sheds light on breast cancer and how to reduce the risks of developing the disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. In fact, 1 in 8 women will develop the disease at some stage...

Mathematical pathology in determining surgical volume for breast cancer treatment

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is an early form of breast cancer that can be treated with surgery. Surgery can involve removal of the entire breast or partial removal of the tumour and the breast tissue surrounding it. In the case of partial removal, the challenge is knowing how...
A snapshot of breast cancer

A snapshot of breast cancer

Tom Stansfeld, Health Information Officer at Cancer Research UK gives an overview of breast cancer and how survival has improved… Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with more than 50,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Over the last 40 years breast cancer incidence rates have gone...
Lung cancer death rates may overtake breast cancer

Lung cancer death rates may overtake breast cancer

For the first time, the number of European women who have died as a result of lung cancer is expected to be higher than the rates for breast cancer According to the research, which appeared in the journal Annals Of Oncology, the UK and Poland have the highest lung cancer...
breast cancer

New campaign for breast cancer launched

Latest figures from Public Health England revealed that one in 3 women diagnosed with breast cancer in England are over 70. It was also revealed that this age group also accounts for more than half of all breast cancer deaths annually. The figures come as Public Health England launch a new...
cancer referrals

Fighting against a Covid tide to deliver cancer referral innovation

PinPoint Data Science is working with the NHS to deliver much needed innovation in cancer referral pathways

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